Nintendo Wii 76 in stock now
Nintendo Wii 76 in stock now

Nintendo Wii 76 in stock now

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Received a stock update

We have received word from EBuyer that they will have a Wii Package in at some
point today. We recommend you keep a good eye on their site, as they will sell
out very quickly.

Bundle consists of:

2 x Remote
Red Steel
Far Cry Vengeance
2000 Wii points

Seems to be just about value for money (i'm assuming extra remote and wii points are £20 each??)

1.5% on quidco so £5 back too

Just checked and they've put the price up
- ace_dynamo

Now back in stock at the original price
- ace_dynamo


Hmmm that looks expensive and Far Cry is rubbish

So £180 for the Wii and if you sold the other bits such as the extra Remote, Zelda, Red Steel, Far Cry Vengeance, 2000 Wii points you'd probably only get about £120. Not a great deal unless you're really desperate for one i'd say.

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In hindsight i've just done some maths of the items i'd keep if i bought it (i.e Zelda say £35, Red Steel say £35, Points £15 and remote £25) and that means i'd be paying £50 for Far Cry, does seem expensive now!

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Now in stock.

Mod change the header please?

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Cheaky b******s have put the price up!


378.64 inc VAT???

not worth it for that price people

Although i don't suppose you can blame them given the scarcity of the Wii, I do think ebuyer are extracting the michael a little with their bundle/s...

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378.64 inc VAT???

...and delivery if you go for Super Saver.

Definitely not worth it at that price though

too expensive!!!

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I've voted cold on my own deal :lol:


I don't blame you!

A premium for their choice of games you should be able to use the money to get your own choices.

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[SIZE=2]'Out of stock' again. Reckon they've probably realised they can't rip people off for quite that much and are gonna relist with normal or reduced price - didn't see the stock number drop once![/SIZE]

i was walking past HMV in Leadenhall Mkt - big sign saying Wii in stock - went in and bought the last one!

From ebuyer forum admin:

Slight error - price changed when we put them into stock and I missed it - customers who just bought it for the higher price are being taken care of this very second and as soon as they are cleared I will put these back on the site. Shouldn't take any longer then 15 minutes.
Sorry about all the messing about!

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Well i've (hopefully) managed to pick two up in the game lot that came online today. Says despatched but i'll be happier [if]when i receive a despatched email.

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Now back in stock at the original price

Definitely in stock i just got one for £339.99 74 in stock when i finished

Not exactly flying out, though, are they?

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As discussed earlier in the thread they're not really offering you a good deal at all, actually more expensive than buying separately.

following on to the recent post the price is still the same hasnt come down at all can any tell me how much this is coming down to

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I've changed the original deal price to reflect the original price - they put it up to about £370 "by accident"

Only 74 in stock now!

Console 180
Extra Wiimote 30
Points 15
Games 105


Not bad considering its in stock imo

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Wiimote can be got for £25 and Far Cry by all reviews is crap so effectively you're paying around £15 more than separately and ending up with a useless game that apparently has a habit of corrupting its own save file

So it is £340? If it is, thats not bad!

Still says 74, Im guessing theres a lot of lag, so Im sensing another out of stock mayhem for some people?

Yeah, i'd say expensive too really.
But, you think that's expensive? Check out THIS xbox 360 bundle at Great Universal.
Now that *is* expensive :giggle:

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But then again they are in stock...

£350.21 inclusive of p&p just a bit too expensive far cry is pants

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Can get free Super Saver delivery, if you don't mind waiting a week

im not that desperate or that wealthy sadly

61 left

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Says 69 on mine

57 going quick

These are selling quick people, get one quick!!!

LOL at that Xbox 360 link. Jesus...lol


£350.21 inclusive of p&p just a bit too expensive far cry is pants

And if you spread the payment over 150 weeks you can pay the very competitive charge of £948.17!!!


150 weeks, APR 29.9%
149 weekly payments £6.32
Final payment £6.49
Total cost £948.17
Cash price £659.00

54 now any one want to treat me to one? just in case anyones feeling happy and wants to part with some mony that they have saved due to all these great deals on hukd???

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If only I could...(in true Borat style).............................................................................................................................................................................NOT! :lol:


And if you spread the payment over 150 weeks you can pay the very … And if you spread the payment over 150 weeks you can pay the very competitive charge of £948.17!!!SHOCKING!150 weeks, APR 29.9%149 weekly payments £6.32Final payment £6.49Total cost £948.17Cash price £659.00

My mate wanted a Wii but couldn't pay for it all at once, and found the great universal deal for a standard xbox 360 which he could pay interest free £5 a week for about 40 weeks. As soon as wiis came up again today I bought him one, told him to cancel his great universal thing and told him he can pay me £100 this week, £100 next week then the remainin £20 the week after.

What a nice friend I am :-D

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For that, you get rep!
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