Nintendo Wii Bundle - Wii + Sports Resort + MotionPlus + WiiPlay + MarioKart. HMV York - £179.99

Nintendo Wii Bundle - Wii + Sports Resort + MotionPlus + WiiPlay + MarioKart. HMV York - £179.99

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I've been looking for Wii bundle for young kids but none of games seemed to fit bill.

HMV are offering bundle online and in store that includes Fifa or Tiger Woods + SuperSmash Bros Brawl which is a half decent deal.

The staff let me swap the two games for Wii Play (including the xtra controller) and MarioKart (including the wheel) for the same price.

Thought it was a bargain.

Don't know if this will be case in all HMV Stores or whether I got lucky. I just asked and they said yes so it wasn't difficult.


Great deal, I'll be gutted if I get there and they aren't so helpful though....

Goon give it a try in my local store hopefully they will be as helpful!

Fingers crossed other stores are going to be as nice. This is exactly what we've been looking for. Cheers x

excee=llent deal, well done!

Mario Kart is superb, wii play is ok, good fun really for a little while but extra pad is a super bonus!
Hot if you can get it:thumbsup:

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I chose MarioKart and WiiPlay but they said I could have any games that totalled £70 (or if they totalled £80 I could just pay an extra tenner)

Seems a good deal and I am new to all this as I am an original Atari boy.

Was looking for a Wii deal for my twin girls (will be 5 next month) and went into Game to see what deals they could do.

I managed to get the same deal as that posted along with Tiger Woods 10, an extra motion plus and nunchuck and double docking station (with spare rechargeable batteries for £252. I had to barter a bit but it seemed to me to be a good deal - especially with 2 remotes, 2 motion-pluses and and 2 nunchucks.

The kids will be happy with Mario Kart and Wii Sports and Wii Play and I will be happy with Tiger Woods!!

This is the BEST Wii deal I've seen yet. Scorching.

All this plus an extra wheel surround costs £229.99 @ Toy R Us!]http//ww…ack

This deal is precisely what I want to get the family for their absolutely non-selfish group present that they will be receiving this Christmas. Just a shame that the holiday to Limerick is first priority this month thanks to the BBC's "lies" about Ryanair.

Went to the one in Harrogate and the guy wasn't budging - said that they had to sell the advertised games. Just wanted to swap the Smash Bros game or whatever it is for Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics (which incidentally is cheaper) and he wouldn't budge. Off to Leeds later to see if I have any joy. :x

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here's copy of receipt if it helps you tio haggle - sorry it's a bit blurry

Cheers for that. Went to Leeds White Rose, spoke to manager who said absolutely no chance and people had been sacked for changing games - had nowhere to go really after that! :x

So anyway bought the £179.99 bundle and will just go somewhere to trade in the game i don't want for one a do - obviously at a bit of a loss but hopefully will end up costing £200 for Wii - Sports - Sports Resort - Tiger Woods - Winter Olympics ... still not bad.
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