Nintendo Wii Console, Accessory Pack and 3 Games.

Nintendo Wii Console, Accessory Pack and 3 Games.

Found 6th Dec 2007
Be gentle with me,this is my first post.This was available online this morning when I checked at 7.30.Can't imagine they'll be around for long!

Nintendo Wii console with Wii sports (5 mini games - tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing), nunchuck controller and Wii remote.

Wintersports 2008 (ages 3+).

Pippa Funnell Ranch Rescue (ages 3+).

Avatar - Burning Earth (ages 7+).

Wii mega accessories pack including adaptor and accessories for realistic golf, baseball, tennis and driving gameplay.

The contents of this pack are not transferable for any other games or accessories.

This pack cannot be used with any other package or multibuy offer.

NB: Wii remote shown with accessories kit is for illustrative purposes only, only one remote is supplied with this package.


They disappeared for a while - and can't get the link posted above to work - but seem to be available ]here...?

showing out of stock in my area


showing out of stock in my area

Says available for home delivery though.

Hasn't this been posted before. It's such a poor combo, will anyone play those games?


Delivery usually 2 working days subject to stock. Nor any stock in store. Freezing

Sure the games and accessory pack aren't great, but when there are people / shops selling the basic console for this price it doesn't seem like that bad a deal. Depends if you've got all day to spend refreshing the page on Amazon for stock!

Anyway, I’ll shut up – obviously not as good as I thought. :oops:

Yep, I guess it's how desperate you need it.

This is back in stock this morning..just checked my CF** postcode and were in stock. code -5688001

I managed to get one today for home delivery.
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