Nintendo Wii Console and Wii Sports - IN STOCK!!! (now £199.96; £189.96 with google checkout)
Nintendo Wii Console and Wii Sports - IN STOCK!!! (now £199.96; £189.96 with google checkout)

Nintendo Wii Console and Wii Sports - IN STOCK!!! (now £199.96; £189.96 with google checkout)

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Nintendo Wii Console and Wii Sports - IN STOCK!!!

Mine arrived this morning and i'm taking a much needed break from Wii Golf to post this as I know availability is very limited at the moment!

It's a portuguese version (i.e. instructions in portuguese), but don't let that put you off as i've already checked and the warranty is valid!

Anyway, product details (if you need them) are as follows:

The Ninendo Wii Sports Pack offers 5 distinct sports experiences, each using the wii remote controller to provide a natural, intutive and realistic feel. To play a wii sports game all you need to do is pick up a controller and get ready for the serve, pitch or the right hook. If you have played any of these sports before you are ready for fun.

Accessories Included Wii remote and Wii nunchuck
Age Rating 7+
Brand Nintendo
Compatible With Nintendo Wii
Wand Compatible Yes


Got mine via saverstor too and my kids love it, They are 10 and dint even notice it was a European model, because lets face it you read the instructions for the games and play.

The wife has demanded a password put on the TV because they won't stop playing, so this is a great buy and I could not find it in stock any ware apart from Saverstore.

Best of all the kids seem to actualy do some exercise wile playing.

I bought my Wii at Gamestation for £179. I put my name on the waiting list (£20 refundable deposit) and got a call 3 days later to say there were in. Just thought I'd let people know.

£235 for a cosole that retails at £179 everywhere else? Doesn't seem like your getting an extra games or anything extra for the additional £56 ...

bbbbbbbbrrrrrr......real cold deal

Dodgy company, dodgy price & a dodgy manual

Is it me, or is it cold in here

Original Poster Banned

Lol. Must have been listening to you. The price has come down to £199. Which is a bit of a p*isser cus i paid £235 :-s

Anyway... slightly les cold than it was this morning. Even bordering on warm when you consider that nobody else has them in stock and you can expect to pay a slight premium. I'm guessing saverstore paid more than teh going rate to get them in as their prices are usually very good!

No way on earth I'd pay more than RRP for a product that was made for a different country.

Come on guys, the Wii isn't that uncommon now even if it sells out quickly. Wait for the next Amazon in-stock session (where I got mine 3 months ago for RRP). Or get one from Game, they'll put one aside from their next delivery for you, and text you when it has arrived.
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