Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack & Wii Fit and Balance Board @ JOHN LEWIS £243
Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack & Wii Fit and Balance Board @ JOHN LEWIS £243

Nintendo Wii Console, Sports Pack & Wii Fit and Balance Board @ JOHN LEWIS £243

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Please note: Due to limited stocks of this popular item we regret that orders are limited to one per customer.
The remarkable Nintendo Wii makes you feel less like a player and more like youre in the game. The Wiis unique remote control puts you right in the middle of the action. Forget about pushing a button to start a golf backswing. Wii lets you swing the club!

The console arrives in a cool compact design and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Its single self-loading media bay will play 12cm Wii discs as well as 8cm Nintendo GameCube discs. It also boasts 512MB of internal flash memory, 2x USB 2.0 ports and built-in WiFi capability.

Shaped like a TV remote, the Wii controller has been designed to be easily used by beginners and pros alike. Sensors determine where the Wii Remote's position is in 3-D space, which means that racing-game steering and a tennis swing, for example, are done through movements of your hand rather than by just your thumbs.

The remote features a speaker, a rumble effect and an expansion port and can be used within 10m of the console. Up to 4 Wii remotes can be connected at once via Bluetooth (this pack includes 1 remote, others available separately).

Wii Sports game
Enjoy 5 different sports experiences, using the Wii Remote to provide a natural, intuitive and realistic feel. Includes Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing.

Pack includes:

Wii Console
Remote control
Nunchuck controller
Console stand
Wii cable
AC adaptor
Sports game
Wii Fit brings together the whole family for a fun fitness workout!
The game is divided into four categories: Aerobic exercise, Muscle Conditioning, Yoga Poses, and Balance Games. Utilising the unique Wii Balance Board for a wide variety of fitness exercises, you can set your own personal goals and track your progress with up to 8 members of the family.

How about some step aerobics, stepping off and on the Wii Balance Board to some funky music? Or heading on-coming soccer balls and avoiding other objects by leaning forward and back? Or why not experience some alpine thrills in the comfort of your own living room thanks to the ski jumping game?

You'll enjoy up to 40 different activities with Wii Fit and furthermore, the game allows you and other players to compare fitness levels by using its own channel on the Wii menu.


not bad, was £227 the other week from John Lewis.

my feeling is that these are sloooowly getting less expensive and more readily available so i'd expect a better deal to come along again soon.

Cold, only ]£234.89 @ Shopto and this deal was only ]£227.95 a few weeks ago

Voted cold.

Wii is £157 for toysrus, and they are also selling the wii fit for £69 making it £226.

And yes, they DO have stock, at least in Shrewsbury and Leeds;-)

with the £13 pff £90 voucher from tesco , you can get a wii fit and a wii play for £85. You need to collect at store tho, ( or order a sim, and take it back)
Quidco too!

Why do people insist on stating 'Wii sports pack' when posting a deal for the console? The console comes with that pack as standard.

Anyway, still cold as you can get the console for under £160, and get the Wii Fit from tesco direct for £60.
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