Nintendo wii fit
Nintendo wii fit

Nintendo wii fit

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i called customer services on monday of this week and advised by them that although they had no wii fit in any shops or any to sell via the internet or tele shopping that if i went in to a shop and ordered one i would get one the next delivery day
so off i went to the shop and placed my order, the shop assistant said that they had non in stock at the wharehouse and i was wasting my time but she was friendly and said if it did not arrive i could have a full refund
well today is delivery day and low and behold i got a call to say it had been delivered
so i am no the proud owner of a nintendo wii fit
just thought i should pass this on
you cant lose if you try it because you get your money back
good luck


there were about 6 wii fits left in the harrods hmv on wednesday. should of got one but didnt want to carry it home on the train!

I'm still waiting for the price to drop to about £50 :thumbsup:

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I'm still waiting for the price to drop to about £50 :thumbsup:

they are worth every penny of the £69.99
go to our friend bbq the otha week and the kids dint get a look it
i ordered another for next week cos ebay are selling for over £120

was this actually in a comet shop?

wow sounds good ive been trying everywhere. Might give it a go tomorrow

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was this actually in a comet shop?

yes you must go into a store and order it, i waited to post till i recieved mine and like i said i have ordered another got t wait till delivery to see if it comes again

I walked into zavvi in liverpool on tuesday and they had 15 in stock, just delivered, how lucky was i?
£63 wirth virgin credit card so good deal

Everywheres getting them in stock lately


Everywheres getting them in stock lately

Looks like I sold mine on eBay just in time!

I pre-ordered one on tesco direct yesterday, it said they wouldn't be in stock till July. I picked delivery to store for pick up, checked today and it's being delived today

I think most places have had delivery of these recently. I was in my local Gamestation and Game yesterday and both had Wii Fit's for sale and quite a few people were buying them.

I got mine the day before it was released (pre-order with Zavvi and they sent it early) and it was great for the first month but I rarely play on it now!

Dont know why their all out every where else Smyths Toys has loads of these. Just walk in any day of the week and pick one up for £69.99 you get 2.5% off with a Smyths toys card.

Read somewhere that nintendo have conqured america with wii fts so the supply should resme for uk pretty soon. Demand outstripping supply on Fleebay should come under control very soon. wait till you see buy it now prices on them appearing ...in few weeks time.

keep an eye on this site ]http//ww…asp good luck

I order through amazon.de and got it in 3 days! but DHL messed up in delivery and they left card (they wait no more than 40 seconds idiots! and their CS is worst of the worst :x )

No issues installing it every thing is in English except manual (you can get it online)


I love this product it tells people they're fat!!


Looks like I sold mine on eBay just in time!

Me too!

They're totally over rated

I'll give it a go my fella works at there distribution centre so we'll get 10% off too so £62.99 will be grand!!

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its worked again, ordered last week recieved today

i will have to give this a try do you just ask at the payment desk if you can order one.
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