Nintendo Wii In Stock £179.99

Nintendo Wii In Stock £179.99

Found 15th Mar 2007
Nintendo Wii In Stock

Great Deal

Loads available, but won't last for long!

So hurry!


Nice one! Just ordered myself one!


ive no money left this month.


101 left

[COLOR=#990000]101 left available atm

101 in stock!


101 left

lol anyone know how many they had for sale to start off with this time?

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lol anyone know how many they had for sale to start off with this time?

They had 501 available, when i saw the deal

how do u check the stock level?

lol just ordered 2!!!!!!!!

thanks mate ur a star!!


just ordered.

2 per customer MAX!

thankyou soooooo much

cheers guys


how do u check the stock level?

Add the item to your basket, then try and update the quantity to a high figure like 200. It'll say there are only *number* available, it then adds that number to your basket.

101 Wii's would set you back £18,178.99!

Just jumped from 101 to 51 available in the time I typed my post.

Cheers all, bagged myself one. All gone now!

Was at 51 at 19:26 when I ordered, all sold out at 19:30.

Thanks guys, looks like I just managed to get one.

to be honest i got mine last week and think they are very over rated!
so if you didnt get one dont worry im sure they will be cheaper soon.

Get one CHEAPER, What land are you leaving in?
51 consoles sell in 5 mins.
Cheaper i think NOT

well i know for a fact i could buy a second hand one right now for £150. so ithink thats cheaper is it not?

Well done :roll: Meanwhile, back to the interesting stuff..


(21 left)

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I ordered myself one yesterday evening, and have recieved it already at 6am! Amazing delivery service, i used first class! :thumbsup:

Did anyone else recieve their console today?

mines been dispatched according to amazon, i used supersaver delivery too!!

cant wait to receive them

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