Nintendo Wii in stock - Solihull Branch HMV

Nintendo Wii in stock - Solihull Branch HMV

Found 5th Feb 2008
I was in Solihull yesterday and my local HMV had 5 wii's in stock (4 now as i got one!) Not sure if this is just a one off thing or if HMV has received stock all over country. thought i'd put it on here. it's my first post. Not sure if its available online.

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different part of thr country I know but .......... Bromley (Kent / SE London borders) had 6 last night, 5 this morning, 4 now I have bought mine.
Great as I had a load of HMV vouchers to use ................ almost bought a bundle last week with stuff I really did'nt want.

Also ZAVVI had sings saying stock - maybe the wait is over for shop stock ???
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