Nintendo Wii instock as i type.

Nintendo Wii instock as i type.

Found 16th Dec 2007
Just saw this for those that are looking for a Nintendo Wii, not the best price but instock.

Nintendo Wii Console

Nintendo's Wii video game system (pronounced "we") is designed to attract people, regardless of their age or video game experience. ***READY TO SHIP - DELIVERY GUARANTEED BEFORE CHRISTMAS*** LIMITED STOCK!!!


**** takers

RRP £299.99 who do they think they are kidding. Ther'es a lot gone on Ebay tongiht for less

not a big fan of savapoint bought off them a few times then wouldn't give them a look in future.

Carp customer service sounded like a one woman band as she said she would look into it and on multiple orders they managed to forget to post, another occasion they charged me for the item and never put it on my orders list otherwise they got £100 for selling nothing was got back by my bank then they had the cheek to say my payment bounced. when they never even even processed the order.

Another order simple item worth all of £4 was lost in post they replaced and then sent a form by the royal mail asking for me to complete i had not recieved another item alltogether worth £32 otherwise they would get more money if i had of posted it plus the fact the company on the sheet was not named savapoint but yet had my same order number and details.

Some people might consider £230 a bargain when Viking is charging £255, Aria £260, and Scan £265 (though they do throw in a DVD player for some reason.)
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