Nintendo Wii Instock at Argos - Ring your local store!

Nintendo Wii Instock at Argos - Ring your local store!

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LocalFound 3rd Jan 2007
Hi, after a morning of ring around many places trying to get a wii i have finally got one reserved at Argos.

I rung there central home delivery phone line and they told me there was non in stock but i rung my local argos directly and got one, she told me there was 5 in-stock at Bolton and 2 were coming into my local store, Bury at 3.30pm and she let me reserve one.

So ring your local stores directly and hopefully you will get one!

Good luck guys.
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I reserved one at Argos Extra in Speke at 11am this morning and have just picked it up.

I phoned the national number 0870 600 2020. I think it was then option 4.

They ask you for your local store code (in the catalogue) and item number for the Wii which is 568 3257. If it's in stock they ask you how many you want (up to 4) and then give you a reservation number, which you give in at the till of the store. Hope that helps.

Good luck!
:x they didnt have any at my local until 3.30pm. the lovely lady is going to text me when it comes in! hehe
no one ever pick up the phone for local numbers.
Chatham store has 5 (4 now!!) at their warehouse, for delivery late on Friday. Phone number is 01634 830657. You will need to quote the catalogue number - 568 3257 and they will reserve you one for pick up.

Good Luck!!
All i can find is 0845 numbers.
And still no one every pick the phone up
nope nobody picks up!!
sorry forgot to put that in, i found it quite hard aswell. in the end i googled my town name and argos 'Bury Argos' and i got 3 'local results for argos near bury' and under that were 3 addresses of my 3 local Argos's with address and phone numbers.

If you give me your town i will be happy to find it if you cant.

hope this helps

EDIT: @ck2 - they are 0845 numbers mate

EDIT 2: sorry to hear people arent picking up, they picked up straight away for me.

Silly question - how did you get your local stores number? I've looked … Silly question - how did you get your local stores number? I've looked everywhere and can't find it. I can only find the 0870 number.

Company: Argos
Postcode: Your's
so frustrated
This is true how do you get your local store phone number?
I have reserved 2 from different Argos branches. One which is due at 2.00pm today and the other on Friday. I am in a dilemma whether to buy the second one and sell it or leave it for someone else to get.
I tried popping into the Lancaster store at 11am - None there. Not that there are many HUKD members around here...
Please find any Argos near Canary Wharf?
Picked up one earlier today at my local argos.

Please find any Argos near Canary Wharf?


Company: Argos
Postcode: Your's

it doesnt come on google im afraid mate like mine did.
London argos numbers…php

search for argos, then pick the store

This is true how do you get your local store phone number?

Try ]http//ww…om/, this gives you the local number, not the 0845 number so you can use your inclusive minutes if you have any.
you can ring 118 118 and they will put you through to your local store
none in any of the Cornwall branches

St Austell
Truro Extra

go to that link and put argos in, will bring up every argos store!
HI, there go on to…php
put the company name in you are looking for "argos" and a list of alternative numbers will come. so you wont have to pay the premium number price and their is quite a substantial list of numbers of local stores. Hope that helps
Nobody wants to pick up in the Romford/Ilford area
If Anyone Will Be So Kind As To Reserve 2 At All And Have One Spare Im After One For My Dads Birthday On Friday And Cant Seem To Get One. Please Pm Me If You Get One Spare, You Will Be Helping Me Out So So So Much.

Thank You

If anybody gets one in Birmingham please reserve one for me or PM me the store number please. Can't get through to the Argos Brum stores.
hi, i rung up a couple places this morn and there were some at North finchley, Holoway, and there are 2 i think at dalston which was where i got mine today. so best thing i think to do is ring and reserve. ALL LOCATIONS ABOVE ARE IN LONDON.

happy hunting and good luck guys.
cheers dj rabbit!
None in Havant, Hants.
All 5 at merry hill have been reserved, they had them in at 4:33am!
im glad quite a few people are getting them! i was very suprised this morning to get 1. i dunno what made me ring my store directly after being told they were out of stock completely on the national number! anyway vote this hot guys and i would really love 4 u to leave me some rep1

Thanks for this! I rang Brighton Carden Avenue. They said out of stock but "One is getting delivered tonight do you want to reserve it sir?"

I think you can guess my answer!

She also said they were being delivered in "drips and drabs" so keep trying!

Now to track down wiiplay with the extra remote....any ideas?

glad you got one mate!
reserved one - hope they follow through!!!

i know this is off topic but do you need wireless broadband to get the wii online? (im using standard broadband at the minute)
i know it has wireless built in but i should think you will be able to use a cable aswell. dont quote me on that though.
I owe it to this thread but after weeks of searching I picked up the last Nintendo Wii in Argos, Worthing Chapel Rd, I couldn't believe the excitement at the age of 33!!

Re the above you can "hard wire" the Wii to your broadband router on modem via a USB cable if you have no wireless.....thanks for the original post !!
Just picked up a wii from argos.
Rang a few and the last one said "we have 1 in stock", so i reserved and picked up asap.
We (or should that be wii? ) called argos earlier today, and they said out of stock at our local store.

My gf went in and asked in afternoon and they said no stock, but she went in at 5pm ish, typed in the code on thier machine, it said no stock, then pressed delivery options and it said 1 available.

Which it then let be reserved.

So can collect it tomorrow i think.

So even the fone lies :P
im still after one if anyone can help me out, pm me. . . .
have a spare one reserved for tomorrow in argos castle court if someone needs it pm me - got the last one from woolies - i am LOVING IT!
picked mine up at half 4! the woman started telling me i would have to wait till 8 for it to be released! i was wo wa wo wo love, BEHAVE! she soon went and got it! lol :thumbsup:

have a spare one reserved for tomorrow in argos castle court if someone … have a spare one reserved for tomorrow in argos castle court if someone needs it pm me - got the last one from woolies - i am LOVING IT!

shouldve pointed out that i am in belfast, had a number of people asking for me to sell on to them - i was only offering the ring and reserve code so they could get one, not looking to profiteer thanks!
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