Nintendo Wii Might Be In Stock Here

Nintendo Wii Might Be In Stock Here

Found 12th Dec 2006
Just had a look on this store apparantly according to a friend they have a few left in stock, I would ring up before ordering to check however.


They say they do have it in stock, but delivery won't be made before the 10th Jan.

I rang them up and the lady on the phone said they are not comming in stock till Januray

I have just returned from France and the shops had quite a few there, were going out pretty fast but no major queues or nothing.

Should I have maybe bought one over there, looks like it, would a french one have worked ok in the UK

I imagine French one would work in the UK, I bought my Xbox 360 from France and worked fine, just obviously the different plug.

Isn't France on Secam rather than PAL though?
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