Nintendo Wii Remote & Wii Nunchuk Back IN STOCK AT GAME £49.99 or £46.99 with Voucher
Nintendo Wii Remote & Wii Nunchuk Back IN STOCK AT GAME £49.99 or £46.99 with Voucher

Nintendo Wii Remote & Wii Nunchuk Back IN STOCK AT GAME £49.99 or £46.99 with Voucher

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This bundle consists of:

Official Nintendo Wii Remote
Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller

Official Nintendo Wii Remote

To make gaming as accessible to people of all ages and all abilities, Nintendo wanted to create a controller that was as inviting as it was sophisticated. The outcome is the Wii Remote controller. Nintendo fused the familiarity of a remote control with the sophistication of motion-sensing technology to come up with an input device for the ages!

Sporting the size of a traditional remote control, the wireless Wii Remote controller is a multifunctional device that is limited only by the game designer's imagination. In a tennis game, it serves as your racket you swing with your arm. In a driving game, it serves as your steering wheel. For first-person shooters, the remote acts as your weapon that you point at an enemy. The list of potential uses goes on and on.

Using Bluetooth technology, the wireless Wii Remote controller sends your actions to the Wii console from as far as 30 feet away. As a pointing device, the controller can send a signal from as far as 15 feet away. Up to four Wii Remote Controllers can be connected at once, making for some great multiplayer fun!

In addition to its pointing and motion-sensing abilities, the Wii Remote controller also includes a speaker and expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller.

Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller

Contoured to perfectly fit a player's hand, the Nunchuk controller builds on the simplicity of the Wii Remote controller and goes an extra step to meet the needs of gamers. The Nunchuk controller connects to the Wii Remote controller at its expansion port and is used in conjunction with the Wii Remote controller.

The Nunchuk controller contains the same motion-sensing technology enabled in the Wii Remote controller but also includes an analog stick to assist in character movement. In several games, players will use the analog stick of the Nunchuk controller to move their characters and the Wii Remote controller to perform a specific action, whether that's throwing a pass in football or aiming a ranged weapon in an action game.

Along with the analog stick, the motion-sensing Nunchuk controller also contains two buttons positioned for quick access. Because the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers are only relatively dependent on each other, players are free to hold them in whichever hand is most comfortable. The ambidextrous nature of the Wii controllers grants accessibility seldom seen in game controllers.


Man that is expensive! Cold, cold, and another cold.

Original Poster

I know but people will pay it because it has been out of stock for ages

Maybe so, if they read this I would advise them to get them from Zavvi

]Wiimote £25

The Nunchucks are available in most outlets,

Most stores in Colchester had "wii play" at £34.99 and the nunchuck for £14.99
store inc woolies / gamestation / Argos / Zavvi / HMV etc

Wii play game will sell for between £15 - £20 on ebay if you dont like it
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