Nintendo Wii - Stock tomorrow in Central SCOTLAND

Nintendo Wii - Stock tomorrow in Central SCOTLAND

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Found 21st Dec 2006
I thought i would give a heads up over this although it will be too far away for a lot of you.

GAME in Stirling (x2) recieved Wii's this morning. Unfortunately i was just coming off nightshift so couldn't get back in time. I spoke to the manager of the bigger store who i know and he informed me they are expecting a small drop of a dozen or so tomorrow for first-come first-served basis at 9am.

The other Stirling shop and the one in Falkirk are also likely to get stock so i'm guessing the rest of games in Scotland and all over the UK for that matter are likely to get some.

So this is a heads up, one thing i will say however from speaking to him in the past; GAME are smart cookies are know how to milk it. I would be very surpised if ANY of these go singular for £179.99 - i'd most likely expect the old shrink wrapped 'bundles' with other games (most likely crappy 4x4 and Red Steel knowing my luck!) and a price pushing £300.

Anyway good luck :-)
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I managed to pick up a wii in Game(Glasgow) today. I could have bought the unit on its own but opted for the console with 2 games for £260.
Welcome to HotUKDeals penelope, have fun with your Wii!!!
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