Nintendo Wii & Tiger Woods All Play 09 instore @ Asda for £161.30
Nintendo Wii & Tiger Woods All Play 09 instore @ Asda for £161.30

Nintendo Wii & Tiger Woods All Play 09 instore @ Asda for £161.30

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Just bought a Nintendo Wii & Tiger Woods All Play 09 bundle instore in Asda. Price on display says £187 but scanned at till as £161.30 total. Receipt scan as proof - I added a Nunchuk to the sale as well when I saw the discount. Works out as Console £177 + Tiger Woods £22 = £199 - WII Any Game Bundle £37.70 = £161.30. I assume this will work with any game that is on discount as it appears if you buy the console with a game then £37.70 is taken off regardless of the game's price.




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Here is scan:


Heat added, good find!

Great find! hot hot. anyway nunchuck is way cheaper in amazon! :-D


I saw the receipt stated 'Wii Any Game Bundle' does it mean it applies on any wii game instore?

Just got one at the Isle of Dogs branch. It was the last one.:-D

I was going to pick up a Wii this weekend so if anyone can confirm this deal that would be great. From reading the receipt it seems to be you get the discount of £37.70 (the price of a full game) when you pick up a Wii with a full price game, it just does not register that Tiger Woods is on sale as it still thinks it is a full title... Anyone work for Asda confirm this? If so I am going to Asda after work !!


Just got one at the Isle of Dogs branch. It was the last one.:-D

Did you get the same deal mate? If so what game did you choose??

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The instore poster says a Wii and one of 3 games, Tiger Woods All Play 09 being one of them for £187. I'm sure this works out because the Tiger game is reduced to £22 in store at the moment but even then, if it is any game, it may be worth checking it with a an even cheaper title if you are only after the console for a bigger saving. Either way they have made a mistake with it somewhere as it should be £187 and not a free game so get in theire quick before this changes. It seems to be nationwide.

OK mate will think it over - don;t wanna pay £187 though as I will just grab the console for £166 from shopto when the stock comes back in

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Worst they can do is ring it through and then you change your mind if it doesn't come through at the cheap price. Someone from a store 400miles away got the same deal so looks like you will get the same thing.

Went straight to Asda from work and bought one. Deal on box says £185 including sports and choice of 3 games. Tigerwoods or Ravin Rabbits and I forget the other. At till console only scans at £177 they then scan the game which for Tiger 09 was £22. The then take off the deal discount which is the full price of the game £37.70 which means you only pay £161.30. Best deal anywhere I've looked. Great spot. Even if you don't want the game you could sell it on ebay for £25. which could mean you have got a Wii with sports for only £136.10. Girl behind counter said deal is only running to Monday?Tuesday and they knew about the scan error , but this was the correct price. so get in quick. Hot! Hot! Hot!: :thumbsup:

grabbed one too guys - they stated at my Asda that they are not supposed to sell the stock until the 15th but sold me anyways at £161 - Tigerwoods is all they had tho so not sure if it works with the other games - thanks aton mate !!!

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Good stuff. Shame this isn't hot enough to make the front page as it is hard to get any kind of good deal on a Wii at the moment.

have some heat - seems a good deal to me


Good deal, very tempted as the mrs is after one - can also get 10% off at asda and can get £12 cash from cex for the game bringing it down to 130ish.

You can get a Wii (+wii Sports) for £149+P&P from Additions Direct if you use the £30 off £60+ spend voucher for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY (+ you have to phone your order in - not via the website).

Check the scorching Wii Fit deal and the iPod Nano threads (same principle).

I've not posted it as a 'deal' after the moans and winges on the iPod thread, but those looking at buying a Wii and have not got an Additions Direct account may be interested.


Just bought mine, and delighted with the deal. Thanks! Not sure if the other games come up at this price, as some kid bought the Sims one at the same time and I think it scanned at £171.

Just got one with Tiger Woods at the Sinfin, Derby branch. Assistant said was the last one.

Got mine this morning. 4 or 5 left at ASDA Rushden!! Right result.


Picked up this morning - Glasgow Summerston

none on display and had to ask if they had any stock, which they did.

Also got a sealed tiger woods with mine - normally the games in Asda are opened and removed to a drawer.

Bearsden also had these in stock (but not on display) but only had Raving Rabbids.

Cheers OP been after a cheap Wii for a while now!
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