Nintendo Wii with Red steel and Super Smash Bros Preorder for £191.99!

Nintendo Wii with Red steel and Super Smash Bros Preorder for £191.99!

Found 11th Feb 2007
Use code pw0557 on the Red steel and super smash bros brawl package to get the price down from £319.99 to an unbeatable £191.99.

Please note that delivery is expected in 11 weeks but smash bros is only released on the 30th March, so not a bad wait time. Empire stores have sent these out early but replaced smash bros with Rayman raving rabbids, so you might get that instead.

Item ref number is SD8578
- stanley


It won't let me add it to my basket, I get the error:

Sorry your selection is sold out. :-(


It let me order - thanks.


It let me order - thanks.

What am I doing wrong then???



Its working now

It wasnt just a minute ago though! lol

Now I just need to click on confirm order, really tempted but Im not sure!


not working anymore

Original Poster

Still working for me, maybe you need to have an account with them.

where do u enter the code. i tried gift code, order code. didnt work??

Original Poster

In order code, are you an account holder? I think you have to be for it to work. Now only 8-10 week delivery time.

no, i was just registering

thanks it working. great find

i think you'll find that smash bros brawl won't come out in march.......

its looking like anywhere between june and december for its release

smash bros is only released on the 30th March

:giggle: yes, of course it is...

SSBB isnt likely before christmas, it might even slip into 2008. Thats a long time to wait on a bundled game that you've already payed for.

Good deal otherwise though, Wii + Red Steel alone are usually at least £200!

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If ssbb is not released by then they will probably replace it with rayman.

All ordered and received conformation.
Great post thanks for the link, I'll just keep the games and sell the console as games work out to about £11 each cannot get cheaper than that!!!! at the mo!!! :-D

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Actually games work out to be £6 each after the £180 for the console.:thumbsup:

isnt this the same code posted earlier by OP ]here
still worth a reminder IF it turns up

How do you register with empire? They ask for some customer code of some sort?

do they take full payment now, or do you pay when item is shipped?

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They take payment only when shipped.

Just typical they have now decided to send me a letter saying that the product/item is no longer available, I ordered the item back Feb, however they are selling the items separately on the website, what a cop out!!!! :x

Dont stand for it.
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