Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends / Dachshund & Friends (Nintendo DS) - £8.99 ea @ CD Wow

Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends / Dachshund & Friends (Nintendo DS) - £8.99 ea @ CD Wow

Found 9th Jun 2008Made hot 9th Jun 2008
Go through link for this price. Next cheapest available seems to be £17.99 @ ChoicesUK and Amazon. Also 4% cashback through quidco.



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Hot From Me

Voted hot - Just oedred both at £ 8.99 each

One problem though........ the links to the codes is for old codes and I couldn't get these to work, however after searching through a lot of other cd wow offers I managaed to get a code.

Super huge hot from me.

My niece has been wanting this for her birthday. Saved me some dough now.

Gee....just bought this on Saturday from Choices UK for my daughters birthday next month....wonder if I can cancel that order.....
Good one....extremely hooootttttttttttttt...ouch!

Ooh that's an amazing price! Shame my effin' bf wont buy me one!!!

Amazing price considering these were going for 20 quid plus each even on the Bay last Xmas. Heated

they bout 20 quid pre owned i got mine when they were first out bout 35 quid it cost me !!! voted hot

didn't realise people still bought DS games

super spot have ordered one for DD3's birthday

thanks welshy x

Nice spot - thanks

WOW, people are still buying games!? wtf?!

Nice find, ordered for my girlfriends birthday

hot hot hot!

Good offer. I see Dachshund and friends but not labrador and friends? Can you comuine multiple codes? (I have several).

Cheers, bargain, ordered Daschund and Friends, looks like they have run out of the Labrador one

great deal:thumbsup:

Couldnt get any code to work

But still an excellent price. Thank you!

Ordered Dachsund and friens for daughter's birthday. Now £9.99. Good price

prices gone back up to 13.99 and 19.49 or so

Just got cancellation df order email after ordering Daschund and Friends yesterday; saying out of stock and will not be getting anymore, hope everyone else is luckier
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