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Tannoy DC8Ti 60% off original RRP £1999 @ Nintronics
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
It seems like Nintronics are trying to clear out these speakers as they just posted on Facebook about a huge reduction in price! Original RRP £4999, after they where discontinued … Read more

It is only 2 more for her to clean. (y)


You can never have too many! Unless you have a less accommodating other half...


You could but having dedicated speakers for music would then then increase my speaker count to 9 in my room. edit: 10 including the sub


Or you could just get these as a nice pair of stereo speakers for music, which they'd be great for.


I am after a pair of Tannoy Revolution XT6F speakers in dark walnut. Richer Sounds seem to be discontinuing them so hopefully others will follow and some deals will be popping up.

B&W CM5 S2 Speakers - RRP £949 now £599 @nintronics
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
I do love their shop and with them moving to a new showroom there’s tons of good deals. This one stuck out for me as it’s rare to find clearance on B&W speakers. Heard them bef… Read more
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They can sound harsh with the wrong music. I know, I have B&Ws (I have had 10 pairs actually) but would buy another pair. It's nothing to do with MP3s (a decent quality MP3 does still sound good), it's to do with bad recordings/mastering/mixing. With nice sounding stuff (not subjective music taste, as in stuff that's not rubbish with respect to its sound quality) they are great. It's a compliment to the speakers if they show a recording for what it really is, unfortunately that sometimes makes good songs difficult to listen to if you like non-audiophile stuff. They do tend to measure bright though too, which doesn't help with the wrong room/gear/not set up right.


The CM series has a warmer sound than the rest of them (hence why I don't like the CMs). A lot of it is what you're used to and what you pair them with.


Lighten up young man and listen to some calming music it was a joke, oh and I guarantee i would call you a liar in person and that's no lie!


For some I agree.My friend has the older 802 and they are a little bright but as I mentioned I did not feel this was the case when I heard the cm5. I think off the end of an Arcam amp. “Higher in frequency, there is a slight lack of energy just below the crossover point; all things being equal, this would lend the B&W a rather laid-back quality.” from the stereophile review which was positive overall... measurements backed up the more laid-back signature I heard it seems. Everyone’s ears are different otherwise there would just be one brand so don’t go knocking things just because they are not to your tastes. What speakers do you have out of interest


Thanks, mine have silver tweeters but I think you're right that they might be more AV than true audio, I didn't do much research when I bought them

Arcam solo soundbar plus - £199 @ Nintronics
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Was speaking with the the guys at Nintronics and saw they had reducded down the price of the Arcam solo bar to £199. Apparently it’s the last couple they have and they going cheap … Read more
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Been using it on/off now for just over a week using features on both the remote and the app and all is good so far. Will definitely need a sub at some point but I'm in no hurry, it is very good as it stands.


If you could update this thread with your findings, it would be useful for my sanity at least. (y) 🏻 Paul


I was concerned regarding the comments about Bluetooth but I have been using it for the better part of a day and had zero issues. I must be one of the lucky ones! Specifically, I have been using my S8+ Android phone as the remote. Also, I was playing music through it for about 3 hours today via Google Music. Superb reproduction.


That’ll explain why Nintronics was selling half a dozen of this soundbar with the bluetooth module removed for £99 on eBay.


Right, set it up using the included mic for calibration and it is certainly weaker than the 107 where bass is concerned. Drax in GOTG2 is not as deep as the 107 for example. However, It is better I feel in detail. Background sounds in films seem more pronounced. Plus I can add a sub at a later date anyway which would be better than both soundbars on their own anyway. Cheers.

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Dont want to ruin your vinyl collection . SME MODEL 30/12 GOLD TURNTABLE @ Nintronics
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Why risk ruining your vinyl collection with a sub £20 player . What price can you put on your vinyl collection .

Can you return it for a refund? They may have extended returns policy over Christmas , like Argos. Just say it was a gift.


OOS at Tesco, ALDI and Morrisons. Quick search, then Asked for a price match at John Lewis - after consulting the manager they said I would have to apply online using their form. Unfortunately their "price match" form cant handle more than £9999.99! So missed out due to their cr4ppy website limitations. John Lewis need to up their game.


Just looked at several sites and no mention of built in pre-amp and in fact 2 reviews told of connecting to external pre-amp and amp, so don't know where you are getting your info from, certainly not SME who don't mention pre-amp.


Oh yes you do. It has a pre-amp built in,plus the whole set up is crucial to the tone and overall sound quality. Why else would anyone buy one. Looking for a decent dansette deck now.


Thanks OP, bought a few as stocking fillers for next year

Arcam solo movie £799 @ Nintronics
Found 16th Aug 2017Found 16th Aug 2017
had mine arrive today and so far its been a vast improvement to my system. highly recommend.
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If you are looking to use it for stereo use, then I would recommend buying a stereo system to do that. These AV systems are designed for a different use case. As for Bi-amping/Bi-wiring, IMHO it doesnt add any value but you can make your own mind up. Arcam do make excellent stereo and AV systems but do tend to run hot (the chassis gets warm when the sytem is in use). I am not sure if this system suffers from this issue as well.


Depends how you look at it, yes no atmos but prob not that important to some and no 4k / 4k pass through prob bigger issue, however if you look at it in straight stereo use, using rear channels to biamp your fronts (need to check you can/could on old one) you have a great stereo set up. Cd/Bluetooth/upnp network/dab radio you would struggle to get better and neater setup for £799 Also if you wanted to run as 3.1 setup so not using rears again great option better than just a soundbar, if you have 4k uhd player nearly all have seperate audio out so can utilise all features. The interface is a bit slow and clunky


Pretty crap system feature wise when compared to the slim Marantz range. And it's not going to have the same oomph as a full sized Marantz, Pioneer Elite or Yamaha Aventage.


old school tech


No Atmos or HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 with this so whilst its a good product, its nowhere near the latest technology. More details on this can be found here. Just my 2p worth.

Tannoy DC8 speakers 40% OFF £1499.00 @ Nintronics
Found 24th Feb 2017Found 24th Feb 2017
Saw this posted on another forum and figured it was a good one for here as well. Not just the DC8 but looks like the whole range they got discounted. Dc6lcr was £1499 now £899 DC8… Read more
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Do you actually understand what you wrote. You just compared earphones to speakers! Heat on the discount by the way!


And who in their mind buys a Ferrari when a Nissan Micra will get you from a to b as well.... all those rich people could save loads of money.... just a minute - they don't need too.. maybe that's why they buy expensive speakers.. Ferraris etc


Should be flames knock knock knocking at the door. Surely people voting cold simply because of the price... which I don't get. This is a good discount regardless of price point it's a deal.


Yeah a £1 headphone vs a speaker, it'll be better no doubt! :D


Get a pair of earphones from Poundland for just, you guessed it, one of your English £s. The quality will probably be just as good.

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Bowers and Wilkins VM1 Speaker - £59.99 were £149.99 @
Found 11th Oct 2016Found 11th Oct 2016
Seems like a good deal to me. Comes with 2 year warranty, and free UK delivery. Might make up for a few of the cold deals I have posted recently! :) xx

Comment Ok thanks for the reply.


defo need an amp to drive them...btw, just received mine today....whoopee! found a code too that knocked off another £30 as well (i bought 5)


No, these are not active speakers, i.e. they are not powered. They need amplified signal from amplifier or AV receiver. TV won't be able to power these AFAIK.


Probably best to email the seller? :)


Would I need a separate amp for these or can I connect them straight to my tv ? Thanks in advance.

Anthem Mrx710 AV reciever - RRP 2199 now £1299 SAVE 40% @ Nintronics
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Anthem MRX710 AV receiver. After hours of research on the AV forums this one came up top dog every time. 90wpc 5 channels driven into 8ohms. Impressive spec list and the Anthem roo… Read more
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nice spot; another bit of hifi which i have bought that technically i do not need. Nintronics are also selling the pioneer LX88 for £1,199 which is a contender.


Top-drawer receiver if you don't need the faff of installing extra Atmos speakers for height effects


No Atmos or DTS:X for those that are interested.


Just got a 2nd hand MRX-510 from The Movie Rooms with a 12-month guarantee for £799, so keep a look out there if you're interested. This is a great price though for a new 710.


Got the MRX-700 here and would recommend it..very tempting to upgrade...thanks for the link

Arcam Solo Soundbar Plus - Open Box Models @ Nintronics 65% OFF (from £249)
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Checking in for a new amp and I've noticed they now have some open box solo soundbars. Stunning piece of kit at a stunning price... Not sure how many of these they will have but I'… Read more
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All the stock they are showing is open box, refurbished or on display. They have no new stock.


great price but I think it needs sub as its cutting off at 170hz


Fair enough but they were £699... Even so another £50 off is still a good deal.


65% off is not realistic. £300 for a brand new one (closed box)

Arcam solo sound bar plus was 649 NOW £299 @
Found 5th Aug 2016Found 5th Aug 2016
Been looking for a sound bar for a while. This one hits all the spots and now at a great price!!

Same price at Richer Sounds although only a few available. Some good reviews though.


​since when people have no right to post a deal on the first day of joining. heat for the deal op.


Prawn Cocktail crisps - hits all the spots


Hmm, posted 4 weeks ago:

Arcam Solo Subwoofer - Audiophile grade - Brand New and Boxed - 40% OFF!!! £299.00 @ Nintronics using Code ASUB40
Found 23rd Jul 2016Found 23rd Jul 2016
I bought the soundbar from the deal posted a couple of weeks ago… Read more
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think im going for the sub and bar for our playroom. I have a sonos sub and playbar in the lounge and have been impressed with them. just wondering if they sound anywhere as good as them


Cheers tascheman ! Have the sound bar but not the sub woofer. Will probably pick one up as does seem to make a difference.


Arrived Thursday, have been playing with it since then and had a full rearrange today. Key word is accurate - great bass but very well controlled, not farty or overwhelming. I think it adds loads to both music and TV - rewatched battle scene from Battle of the **** today, so much more impact. Recommended, especially if you already have the sound bar.


Thanks tascheman, please let me know what the difference is with the Arcam sub when it arrives (esp with music) and if it's that good! I'll then decide whether to fork out another £300...


I tried my soundbar with and without my existing subwoofer when it arrived - makes a significant difference, even with music which isn't heavily bassy. I've bought the matched sub as it should sound better than my existing one - if it doesn't I can return it.

Found 11th Jul 2016Found 11th Jul 2016
Originally these headphones and matching amplifier were £450 from a good quality manufacturer. They seem like a good buy for £179. The amplifier on its own is listed for that price… Read more



i have absolutely no idea how it compares, i dont own either i have just bought the Musical Fidelity combo. all i know is that this combo was very very favorably received at £500. at 179 it is as good as you will get at the price.


The price was £450 for both as it says in my title. The amp is £179 on essentially it's like getting the headphones for free. Thought is was pretty clear.


how does this amp compare to my merdian explorer? hmm guess could use the meridian as a dac and this as a amp.. would have be a good enough upgrade though


MF200 headphones are not MF200B headphones. the difference is the balanced input; which is what the headphone amp is optimized for. MF200B are 125 and matching amp 179 on amazon. trust me, this is a good deal!

Arcam Solo Soundbar - Audiophile grade - Brand New and Boxed - 54% OFF!!! £299 @ Nintronics
Found 7th Jul 2016Found 7th Jul 2016
Perfect timing on this one as I'm finishing off an extension and was looking for two soundbars... Had my eye on this one ever since I started reading the reviews on it 4.5 star tru… Read more
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thanks, i bought the hisense 55 tv and i unpacked the sound bar today, will be setting it up tomorrow.


HDMI from everything to the soundbar


whats the best way to connect this soundbar up, hmdi from the xbox, blu ray to the soundbar then connect the soundbar via optical to the TV? thanks


still thinking of this and the sub for the playroom, own a sonos playbar and sub in the lounge and not sure i can justify spending another grand for the playroom when its not used that often.


​beer and fags are the only other things you can think of spending £300 on?! Santa must have an easy job pleasing you at Christmas

Musical Fidelity MF200B Headphones and V90BHA 50% OFF was £450 now £225 Nintronics online
Found 26th Jan 2016Found 26th Jan 2016
Often combing hot deals and noticed no one had picked up on this one yet. This combination is fantastic value at £225. Big dynamic sound and plenty of power. Had been looking for a… Read more
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£179 now


Wtf I could buy a car, a bicycle, and an amplifier for this price


They are not the most analytical of headphones, I guess if you are looking for pure tonal accuracy these are not for you... But then I doubt there is anything at this price point to appease someone looking for that.. But have a lovely musical rhythmic character... Can listen to my style of music all day long... Some of the 60s 70s music which I listen to was unbearable on some old grades I had... These have me tapping my feet. Strong bass and punchy. Really pleased.


im loving them... I was thinking of getting the pair when they was £225 with a voucher I found for 10% off... But at half price it is a no brainier.


hows this headphone? on amazon, this amp cost 195+del.

B&W PM1 Standmount Speaker + FS-PM1 Stands - @ Nintronics. Was £2400.00 now £1699.00 with free UK delivery.
Found 5th May 2015Found 5th May 2015
Pretty big discount. B and W are a great brand. Description from website: The PM1 is a luxury, compact loudspeaker; the latest in a long line of Bowers & Wilkins audiophile m… Read more

Shame I got cold :(


So big discount!!


Brilliant price for awesome set of speakers


om nom nom, heated, they put my 602s to shame :(


Lol, I might buy these do just that, sell them as "even richer sounds", and see if I can make a nice profit.

B&W PM1 bookshelf speakers including FS-PM1 Stands £1695 (Save £700) @ Nintronics (check link in comments for detailed specs)
Found 5th Apr 2015Found 5th Apr 2015
£1,995 @ audioT excluding stands, £1,999 @ Superfi + £399 for stands, £1,995 @ hifigear + £400 for stands. audioT… Read more

don't care how audiophiles tate these but it is overly pricey!


Lovely speakers- almost went for these myself a few years ago.


Thankfully that's only your opinion and speakers are about sound quality not looks...




Voted hot, I've always liked B&W speakers. Seems a good deal.

Focal Chorus 800v Series 5.1 Speaker System (Was £3,100) £1699 @ Nintronics (Focal 700 Series 5.1 System [Was £1,560] £1,100 - link in comments)
Found 2nd Dec 2014Found 2nd Dec 2014
Chorus 816v Floorstanding Speakers: The floorstanding Chorus 816V makes the most of the two-and-a-half-way configuration: elevated performance in lower octaves thanks to the combin… Read more

Talk about lasting years have a pair of Leak 2060 (£120)bought about 40 years ago from Comet when it really was in an actual warehouse,at the time even though my wage was low I didn't think of them as expensive but worth the many months to pay for them.So for quality these are good value if you like their sound?


Sound quality as such isn't really going to vary between receivers, what you get is better processing technology. There are different levels of YPAO, from Yamaha, and Audyssey from Denon/Onkyo, and these will correct for your room shape better than the tech in a cheaper receiver, which will give a better surround experience. Also you might get more features like bluetooth, or whatever in a pricier one. Plus there is support for things like a second subwoofer, 7.1, 9.2 and so on. Which you don't need at the moment, but you might want in the future? It's worth looking on ebay for old models/discounts as hifi stuff can be quite steeply discounted.


There's software to do that. Give it two audio files, eg FLAC and mp3, and it'll do blind A-B. If you Google the Hydrogen Audio test/study, they used this software for that.


All I see is loads of speaking lying around the sitting room... It would look awful, but no doubt sounds good...


Arcam R Cube Ipod Dock, White, £199.95 (save £149) including free delivery @
Found 28th Jun 2014Found 28th Jun 2014
Best price I could find for a new one of these. Most places seem to be out of stock. The black one is more expensive.

Yes a decent accurate sound, not one to shake the windows but clear and detailed. I found I didn't use the rWand or rWave accessories though, and didn't use the Cube itself often enough to warrant keeping it.


Did you like it?


Just sold my black rCube on eBay for £145. You could have had it if I'd known ;)

Focal Chorus 816 V Floor Standing Speakers £649.99, was £1279.00. @
Found 27th May 2014Found 27th May 2014
Seems like a price worthy of some heat hopefully! :) Free delivery and five year warranty. The description: The floor standing Chorus 816V makes the most of the two-and-a-half-wa… Read more

spoke too soon - call received from them......saying the NHS discount not valid on offer items, and need to provide NHS id card details (that is fine as I do actually work for the NHS and not just trying it on :) ) Had to repay the 10% to card :( On looking through I noticed the bookshelf and tower speakers are discounted/deals, but the CC700V is showing no discount on there, so technically I'd have thought would have had 10% off just that speaker...but oh well


oh and 10% off if work for NHS :)


took a while and came back to this thread....but finally took the plunge and ordered.....along with 806v bookshelves for rear, and a cc700v for the fronts :) (cc800 is too deep for our setup unfortunately) Looking forward to it coming :)


Focal speaker are French made in paris and high speaker companies who's speaker costing several thousand pounds upwards use their tweeter. I would go for the hand made W driver over the V driver what sounds excellent. Their top range speaker the grand utopia costs £121,000. I buy from nintronics and they are a good company with good customer service and good prices.


I've just received the even cheaper solo1c which are still very loud and can do plenty of bass despite the smaller driver. I can't really add anything to the internet reviews. They're amazing value.

Pioneer SMA4-K Wireless music system down from £349 to £149 @ nintronics
Found 2nd Apr 2014Found 2nd Apr 2014
Pioneer SMA4-K Wireless music system

Thought you were being rude there! Still not sure. But a sock I will try, :)


I bought this for 100 quid more a year ago, I might get another 1 now


Put a sock in it if you don't like the heavy bass!


I have this. Very bass heavy. Like very. Great price though.