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Nioh 2 - PS4 £1 instore @ Asda, Pilsworth
1024° Expired

Nioh 2 - PS4 £1 instore @ Asda, Pilsworth

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1024° Expired
Nioh 2 - PS4 £1 instore @ Asda, Pilsworth
Posted 30th Apr 2021Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Saw this in a fairly local Asda to me. I had to double take when I noticed it! I haven't played the first or this so I can't say much about the game personally but I've heard good things.

I've checked and it shows on their website at the same price too but it's unavailable to order.

Set in Japan during the late 1500s, most of Nioh 2 storyline chapters are prequel to Nioh, while the end chapters of the story take place after the first game's last storyline following the Siege of Osaka. Players take the role of a character named Hide (秀, Hide), a half-yōkai referred to as a "Shiftling" whose appearance and gender is decided by the player.

Similar to its predecessor, Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game. Players can create their own playable character, who was a yōkai spirit. Players are equipped with a variety of weapons such as odachi and kusarigama, and earn new skills as they progress in the game. When players defeat a hostile yōkai, some of them may drop a "Soul Core". They allow players to use yōkai abilities and transform into a yōkai after being deposited in a shrine.

At locations named "Benevolent Graves", players can summon other players, controlled by artificial intelligence, to assist them in combat. The game also features a three-player cooperative multiplayer mode.
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