Nioh Complete Edition PS+ £25.49 @ PSN

Nioh Complete Edition PS+ £25.49 @ PSN

Found 9th Jan

Steel your mind and ready your blade for

an intense action RPG experience set in bloody Sengoku era Japan.

Combining real life historical events with dark fantasy and folklore,

face off against bloodthirsty warlords and otherworldly demons – using

an arsenal of weaponry, magic and ninjutsu to defy death.

In this edition of Nioh, discover William’s complete journey along the path of the samurai with three huge add-ons, including:
• Dragon of the North.
• Defiant Honour.
• Bloodshed’s End.


equip yourself for the adventure with five powerful Nioh weapons, the

Nioh Armour set and three all-new pieces of headgear: the Visitor’s

Dragon Kabuto, the Good Fox Kabuto and the Lucky Tanuki Kabuto.
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Brilliant game, anyone that got on well with souls and bloodborne should get this. It's much the same type of game but it's more than just a straight out clone, it's definitely more fast paced than dark souls 3 and I actually think the control system works better.
Very rewarding game, extremely deep, will keep you playing for weeks (if not months). Really nice!
Kicked my ass Day 1, too hard for the likes of casual me!
Loads and loads of content and depth for your money here. However, unless you fully invest in the crafting, set items and techniques you will struggle past the final boss into the DLC. It put me off for a while but I find myself dipping in and out of the game still.
Love demons souls, dark souls, bloodborne, salt and sanctuary etc. Thought this was hella average - level design, broken hit boxes and artificially inflated difficulty for the sake of it broke this game for me.

I love difficult games when they're fair - in this case, at least at the time I played It felt a lot of rebalancing was needed for the game to be fun. It was a chore from beginning to end.

Bottom line. OK game but lack of a persistent world and unfair gameplay broke the experience when unfairly comparing to the masterpiece Souls series.

Saying that - will pick it up again when it's < £10 as I bought the season pass before playing it, getting disappointed and getting rid so at some point I'd like to play the expansions 😳
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A great game that lacked in level design and enemy variety compared to the Souls series. Pulled the old 'boss run' trick at the end which was a bit tiresome.

It felt like a mix of Ninja Gaiden/Dark Souls.

I bought the standard game when it was £15 recently but haven’t tried the game yet. I’ve got the feeling i’d be throwing the controller at the wall
Going to hold off in the hope we get a physical version.
Great game, are the low stance dual katanas still op?

That was my day 1 tech
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