Nioh new beta demo on ps4

Nioh new beta demo on ps4



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heat, thanks.
Alpha was great, this should be even better with the changes they've made from the feedback!
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Much smoother and fully featured game now. Alpha was very rough (it's alpha!) and they've listened to all feedback.

replayed the first area again and there's a lot of changes. They've done more off the beaten track parts that loop back. Very nice.

Annoying durability is gone. In its place they've expanded on familiarity. Now, the more you fill the familiarity bar of a weapon or equip, the more traits of that item can be passed down onto another item via the new reforge feature. So, instead of forcing you to keep swapping items because of breakage, they're now incentivising you to swap items in order to rack up traits and reforge better equips. Much better.

Stamina has changed slightly. Hitting zero stamina doesn't automatically put you in a out of breath stance. Instead getting hit when stamina is zero puts you in an out of breath stance. More importantly, this can still be done to enemies as well as yourself. It still keeps that punishment for being reckless but doesn't require a constant eagle eye on it.

More items and goodies to pick up. including items that grant you additional skill points and magic points. And these are hidden in more nook and crannies.

More weapon types now. You now can equip firearms as a secondary weapon in addition to bows. And stat upgrades on levelling up is more balanced to different playstyles. I think it might be possible to do a firearm run. Dunno.

All in all, you can tell they've added a game to it since the Alpha. It doesn't feel bare now.

My only big complaint right now is the bosses still have too much health. The difficulty should come with overcoming and exploiting their attack patterns. Simply adding loads of health on top of that so it simply doubles the time of the fight isn't inspired or challenging.
But did they listen to my main criticism that the protagonist looks too much like Geralt from Witcher?
Who changed the picture??
Cheers OP, would have missed this otherwise.
Didn't realise there were so many changes, and clearly for the better. I've only played the beta and its amazing, especially the combat!
I absolutely love this game! A definite day 1 buy for me.
Just a reminder, you have one more week to get both marks in the game, which will unlock special content for the full game come release day.
good deal
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