Nirvana unplugged CD and autorip digital download only £3 at

Nirvana unplugged CD and autorip digital download only £3 at

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£3 for a digital and CD copy of this classic unplugged album.

Includes downloadable mp3 version
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Best Nirvana album IMO
Superb album without a doubt!!!
Mr_Happy441 h, 21 m ago

Best Nirvana album IMO

Not in mine! Bleach was always my favourite, with In Utero a close second.
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Awesome purchase, one of my favourite albums ever!
Superb album.

More pennies in Courtney Love's pocket...
jesus dont want me for a sunbeam is AMAZING , bought now off to educate my kids on proper music
Still have it when it was on MTV recorded on video! ...
Love this album, ordered a new copy and heated
Ordered Another Copy , first album i ever bought When It Was First Released and it's still my favourite! Heat, Plus No Rush Delivery Gets You An Extra £1 Dugital credit ,,
£1.99 postage if you don't have prime and aren't adding £20 of goods to basket.
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I played 'Bleach' 24/7 when I was 16 which must be one of the greatest heavy rock albums of all time. I was utterly disgusted when they turned into Bon Jovi for 'Nevermind'. This one is quite good however. The amazing cover of Leadbelly's 'Where did you sleep last night' is a must have.
Listened to this in the car only last week, still a classic album...
Loads of cover versions so not so much for Courtney's pocket
Amazing album. There's a rare extended filmed version on YouTube that's worth a watch. I think Aerosmith were in the audience
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