Nirvana - With The Lights Out (3CD & 1DVD Boxset) - £6.43

Nirvana - With The Lights Out (3CD & 1DVD Boxset) - £6.43

Found 14th Nov 2006

This boxset is available at Amazon for the vastly reduced price of £4.97 plus £1.46 postage - total £6.43. RRP is £43.99. There are only 4 in stock, so hopefully people will play nice and just order one for themselves rather than trying to make a quick buck... Cheapest elsewhere is £29.99 at Obviously you can add more to your order to take it over £15 to get free postage.

81 tracks over 4 discs, including tons of unreleased material, make this a must for any fan. Tracklisting too long to post, so check the link. (Disc 4 is the DVD).
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Expiring this myself - all gone within minutes!

Hope 4 of you managed to grab one. :thumbsup:
i just ordered one..says 2 more left...must have put more on?
I'm only seeing "used and new from £20.00"
now saying none left lol

thanks i hope i got mine

I'm only seeing "used and new from £20.00"

Im seeing that now, when i first clicked it there were some, i ordered then went back and it said 2 left. Now only seeing the same as you, £20 used ones.

Must have just got one in time. They might keep putting a couple up? dunno

Thanks tho, hopefully got mine :thumbsup:
Fingers crossed for you!
Clicked expired. Sorry I missed this one... :-(
Aww shucks,

Was too busy reading the reviews to actually get round to buying this.

Must remember to buy first ask questions later.
Thanks for this!!
I just clicked on the link and there was a used one in good condition for £4.47 + £1.17 delivery.

Just clicked the link & there was a brand new one in stock from Amazon so I ordered it .


I've just added 6 more to my basket & the order was ready to accept so there must be that many available for others right now .
Ooooh think I've managed to grab one this time! Thanks PJR!!! Welcome to the forums.
Gone again - damn, been waiting a week for these at that price. Thanks anyway.
should keep this going, others might keep comming up...
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