Nisis Easypen G5 Graphics Tablet - £15.26 collected

Nisis Easypen G5 Graphics Tablet - £15.26 collected

Found 13th Feb 2007
High resolution digital graphics tablet with 8" x 6" working area, three button wireless mouse and pen set and handwriting recognition software

Graphics tablet with active working area 8" x 6" (20.3 x 15.2cm)
512 levels of pressure sensitivity for high definition accuracy
Cordless pen and mouse set allows unrestricted cursor movement
Ideal for graphics, photography and drawing applications
Handwriting recognition, annotation and signature recognition software
USB connection to your PC - no power supply required
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Looks a good deal Thanks for the pointer.
£12.99 ex VAT
£15.26 inc VAT
Delivery charge of £7.50 (ex VAT) - £8.81 (inc VAT)

Total £24.07 inc VAT & Shipping

£27.99 at amazon
If you're a member of the hexus forums and make the order up to £20 from just over £16 that the tablet costs you get free delivery on it. The pad has pretty terrible reviews though - only use if you want to doodle for a laugh.

pad has pretty terrible reviews though - only use if you want to doodle … pad has pretty terrible reviews though - only use if you want to doodle for a laugh.

After further research into this, this tablet actually is a rebranded Aiptek 8000U graphics tablet.

Now besides expensive Wacom tablets, really Aiptek have the market cornered with budget tablets, this particular unit is also known as Nisis G5 Easypen & Trust TB-3100.

Morgan Computers themselves sell both the Nisis G5 (£15.26) and the Trust TB-3100 (£35.24) exactly the SAME unit £20 price difference!!!!

Now Nisis webiste seems to have gone to the dogs, Aiptek drivers are not as recent as on Trusts website (amends pressure sensitivity issue in photoshop C2 as well as providing Vista both 32 & 64 bit version drivers, using TB-3100 drivers)

So good driver support for this unit from Trust's website, good reviews of the unit too, basically anyone from a beginner that wants to try out a graphics tablet, through to students learning graphics design/photo editing or even semi-professional use for £15.26 this definitely is voted hot as far as I am concerned :thumbsup:

Anyone interested in an A5 sized graphics tablet that does not want to spend the cost of £150 of a Wacom unit really doesnt have any other options than buying one of these Aiptek clones, which with the correct updated drivers function perfectly for any hobbyist/semi-professional.
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