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Discount on new nissan cars
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Posted 20th Dec 2017Posted 20th Dec 2017
Discount on new nissan cars
Check to see if you can get discount on new nissan cars, it's off list price but might be worth it to someone. If you are police, fire or military you qualify. Even ex military. Th… Read more
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Or just use something like carwow and get the discounts automatically


Nissan offer discounts to virtually any business. Worth looking outside the dealerships they usually have posters advertising which businesses, but to be honest why would you accept anything less than 24% off which is what they offer those customers.


That’s awful to hear - NHS staff do a great job and shouldn’t be punished like that.


Check out drive the deal. Always play dealers off against each other. Savings of up to 25% are possible on some makes and models with a bit of work


Think it depends on the car - think we got 2k off it.

£2000 towards a used Nissan LEAF (electric) when trade in & bought on finance
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Posted 13th Nov 2017Posted 13th Nov 2017LocalLocal
£2000 towards a used Nissan LEAF (electric) when trade in & bought on finance
From the Nissan page: Simply trade in your car registered in 2009 or earlier and we will give you up to £2000 towards to a used 100% electric Nissan Leaf* or, in addition to our… Read more
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The dealer pulled out of the deal as it turned out, but due to the £2k part exchange/finance contribution not being available on the particular used leaf I was getting. Quite annoying but I couldn't be bothered to carry on with the dealer as I had some other concerns about the vehicle anyway.... I can't stand car dealers, even the main dealers in this case acted like sharks and tried all the free gap insurance, free alloy wheel cover and interior Scotchgard protection. If their idea of free is adding over a grand to the finance cost over 3 years....


0% Wow. Was it on this deal? Finance seems to be close to 10%.


Agree these should fall further. However the finance deal they offer can be quite good, I was offered 0% over three years need on around a 20% deposit. The 30kwh is the one to go for though, but these aren't very old yet so will cost confident more.


The catch is "bought on finance". They should offer the deal on cash purchases too. Why pay high finance charges? Wait until Feb/March when there will be glut of the 24kw models and the new Leaf deliveries means few buyers for a new old model. When the new model has a 40kw battery and 8 year warranty, who wants 24kw and remainder of a 5 year warranty? A used 30kw model may be a good buy if you can stomach the ugly looks compared to the new model!


Cobalt mining is clearly an issue I agree, but so is the mica used in metallic paint. There's all sorts of issues around using the earth's minerals for anything But you still seem to miss my point about pollution, obviously it isn't ok for any one to be polluted, but you can't compare a small possible increase in pollution from a gas power plant to that emitted by petrol and diesel cars around population centres. It affects less people and overall, due to efficiency gains, co2 and overall pollution is decreased. A single ev may increase household electric use by around 20-30% probably about the equivalent of a fridge freezer and a tumble drier or other high consumption appliances. I don't see any campaign to stop people having those due to the increased pollution for people living near power stations...

Nissan Leaf 4 day test drive
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Posted 9th Sep 2017Posted 9th Sep 2017
Nissan Leaf 4 day test drive
This is another 4 day test drive people may not be aware about, you don't need a business to secure this car, and much like the Seat one I posted ( if it was approved ) there's no … Read more

Charge it. We aren’t an island. We share a land border with another EU member state.


I thought am ice car was a spelling mistake from nice car! A while ago I looked into leafs and the batteries were often leased and to buy out right was something daft like 5 grand! Although the newer models we're supposed to do over 100 mile range, the second hand ones we're in danger of conning out after 80 miles. What do you do if the batteries running flat? As to electricity, we are an island. Really the government should be pushing for wave power and tidal power generators. I remember looking round an old still working tidal mill. Cannot remember where it was but Hampshire way. If years ago we made use of water mills and tidal mills, we should be able to generate electricity from them now.


Interested in one, but the deals seem to have dried up. Hoping that they might do a few deals when the new one is released.

It is still working.


Ive done it, I have booked in with the local nissan dealer, see what deals they have on the scrappage scheme as, after some digging around, my diesil is eligable :)

Nissan Leaf Tekna 30KW £199 deposit £199 per month for 24 months
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Posted 9th Mar 2017Posted 9th Mar 2017
Amazing Nissa leaf pcp deal for 24 months at Birmingham Central Nissan dealership £199 deposit £199 per month for 24 months just in time for the new model which will launch in abo… Read more

Nissan Leaf first service at 18,000 miles. Several local Nissan main dealers quoted me £149, but Nissan Evans Halshaw Doncaster were £129.


Hello Sunilm, Sorry to bother you but do you think your contact will get in touch with me about the Leaf deal as no contact has been made yet Thanks


Hi sunilm, can i have more info regarding this deal too? thank you


Hello sunilm, Thanks for that much appreciated I will look out for his email.


Awesome deal. Electricity works out around 3p per mile... A normal car for £200 would cost 9p per mile. 6p per mile saved. If you do 10000 miles a year, that's £600 saved a year, or £50 a month. However, there is also the new 41kw Renault Zoe which does 140-170 miles on one charge. And is much cheaper. £17k new on carwow with battery included. Or £13k with battery lease.

NISSAN 0% APRREPRESENTATIVE FINANCE £189pm (£5799.48 deposit) - 23190
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Posted 7th Mar 2017Posted 7th Mar 2017
NISSAN 0% APRREPRESENTATIVE FINANCE £189pm (£5799.48 deposit) - 23190
No insurance costs for one year and no servicing costs for three years. Switch to the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, and say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to electric.

I think you'll find that they were someone else's words not mine :{


You did not follow the budget then...he just put diesel drivers on notice...changes in next budget the Government will continue to explore the appropriate tax treatment for diesel vehicles and will engage with stakeholders ahead of making any tax changes at Autumn Budget 2017


My whole point, which I can assure you I haven't missed, is that your post was complete rubbish and you got just about every point you made wrong. I don't concern myself with my running costs as I am fortunate enough to have money to cover them. I do not have a life where I get all excited and happy because I managed to save 2 pounds this week because of my superb economic driving style. I am happy to be driving a fantastic car and not a leaf. And by the way, we really got hammered with the budget like you said didn't we. No changes to any diesel policies and petrol duty frozen. Yet another thing you got completely wrong. Even your jokes are rubbish!


no, it uses electric not tripe.....some people


you still miss the whole point, while you race round in your car spending money, mine costs me nothing, everytime you accelerate, pound signs come out of your exhaust, not only does mine not have an exhaust to worry about repairing, no pennies or pounds can escape.... oh, I apologise... mine costs me £99 for a service each year.... what are your running costs... I suspect we wont hear the truth even if you do tell us

Nissan Leaf Teckna £198pm 2yrs, £199 deposit, inc. Gap ins ++!!
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Posted 25th Feb 2017Posted 25th Feb 2017
Nissan Leaf Teckna £198pm 2yrs, £199 deposit, inc. Gap ins ++!!
Just been into my local Nissan branch (Wakefield) to test drive the Leaf Teckna and see if they would price match a deal that another HOT UKer has got - they've beaten it by so muc… Read more
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I spoke to the Pontefract branch this week, in hope... and they said that the Wakefield branch often get mixed up and combine 3 or 4 seperate deals into 1 that cannot be fulfilled.


The Onboard charger doesn't make a difference here (Just to point it out). CHAdeMO can charge a lot faster than the Leaf can cope with, but to answer the question. Nissan says you can go from 0% to 80% in half an hour, but charging is non-linear so the higher you go is the slower it goes. Basically I would work off the idea that a half hour charge is going to get you to about 80%, another half hour would be required for the last 20%!. The new 30kw leaf will go farther than mine did, but for your 250 mile journey I would probably leave full and stop twice, then charge perhaps 3 times on the way home. So that's at least £30 in charging. <-Click filters, then click CHAdeMO under the connector. For me it would be a pain. Your car might only need to charge once going, and twice on the way back (once at start of journey). The problem is that sometimes the place your going doesn't have rapid chargers so you want to top up before you head out there. The 6.6kw charger is also a better option for non-rapid charging public areas. You can find plenty of free charging around - even my asda do it!, but without the 6.6kw charger you don't get much of a boost while doing your shopping (good for keeping the ac/heater running tho).


This is basically the 199/199 deal that everywhere is doing. The difference is you're paying an extra £300 deposit which covers the extra 4000 miles. The bonus is the free service which is worth about £80.


I'm reporting them to trading standards and watchdog for how it's been sold and handled - wish I'd been an undercover buyer ;)


​Bought my Vauxhall Vectra from Arnold Clark a while ago. Firstly the salesman was about to let me drive away without even paying for the car. Secondly the cruise control kept disengaging. After they tried to repair it to no avail their response was you only bought a £3.5k car from our "value" range so what do you expect? Needless to say I haven't given them any custom since!

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Nissan Leaf 30kWh Tekna down £199pm 2 years £500 deposit @ Nissan
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Posted 18th Feb 2017Posted 18th Feb 2017
Nissan Leaf 30kWh Tekna down £199pm 2 years £500 deposit @ Nissan
Best electric deal around at the moment PCP 6000 miles a year. Free home charger Non metallic (i.e. Red) No 6.6kW charging Official deposit is £499 but dealers will price match … Read more

With all the dpf filter issues for people who only run diesels in cities anyway it may become self policing :)


Unfortunately as soon as your proof appears the bottom will fall out of the older diesel market. The only glimmer of hope for people with older diesels i.e. Pre 2007 is a rumoured diesel scrappage scheme which is rumoured to consist of up to 3k for the car and up to 5k for the replacement. I suspect this will replace the electric grant. There is talk of measures in several cities across the country e.g. Nottingham and Southampton and some others. There's a budget on March the 8th....


Not sure there's any proof the Government itself is anti diesel just a Government Minster suggesting city dwellers should think twice about buying a diesel, but not really sure what that means as the only way diesel owners could be penalised is by all towns imposing congestion charges on diesel engined cars but there's no signs of that happening at perhaps. Gayling thinks London is the only "city" in the UK!


over 90% in driver power for reliability and you are correct they depreciate faster than a rock in water, a 3 year old one can be had for £11k easily, whether you like it or not Diesels are now considered bad by the Government, I agee with you Brown screwed us all over by promoting diesel, that has now changed though (just look at London, you are stuffed if you own a diesel now in London) 50% of sales are diesel, what the government does I have no idea, but they have fired the warning shots, they are coming, it just depends on what measures they take... in a strange way though Brexit may change things if the Government no longer has to stick to EU pollution rules


I never had a clutch "go" in an automatic (I have only ever driven automatics). I have never had a repair costing even £500 in a car. Where is the actual evidence electric cars will break down less. They depreciate more! Gordon "conartist" Brown told people to buy a diesel, so I did and pay £20 excise duty. I cannot see such cars being outlawed. Political suicide. I do not dislike electric cars. In my case I see no massive savings and the range is not sufficient. The hassle of charging daily, finding a charging point not being used etc is also not worth the saving for me. Give me a real life 250 mile range, then it's an option. Does this mean children will not learn to drive a manual as electric cars are effectively automatic? I passed a test on a manual and never drove once thereafter. Seemed rather backward to me!

Nissan Leaf Tekna 30KW £5276/2years PCP Deal @ Chorley Nissan
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Posted 18th Jan 2017Posted 18th Jan 2017
Chorley Nissan were offering a 3 year PCP deal, but this seems to have been revised down to just a 24 month agreement. Terms otherwise remain the same. Slightly more expensive than… Read more

Which branch was this at? Thanks


what is the insurance like. do you have to insure the car and the battery or is it just normal .


It seems each dealer is given a Leaf target by Nissan with a cash bonus... They're willing to discount (share bonus) to hit that target. But once they do, they can not sell / offer further discount... So even going to the same dealer may not yield the same offer... In fact, my dealer said don't refer any body as we won't sell anymore.. Similarly, where a 24kwh car is concerned, surely they're just clearing older stock as the 30kwh has been here for a long time and there are rumours that 40kwh are currently being built and will be released soon... In any case, Zoe 40 is here today, so the Leaf 24 is due some discount.....


Yes would also like to know please


Where did you get that deal from?

Nissan Leaf £125 Month no deposit 24 month - £3006 Nissan
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Posted 19th Mar 2016Posted 19th Mar 2016
Nissan Leaf £125 Month no deposit 24 month - £3006 Nissan
I was looking to lease my next vehicle, and saw that Nissan have an offer on the leaf's Basically they are paying £5000 for your deposit, and the 24 months at £125, over two years… Read more
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looks like I am always late for good lease deals, as i it hard to find cheap leaf now


Accenta £150 a month


​what deal did you go for?


thanks op we now have the car


It doesn't suggest the car is yours at all, the full breakdown of the finance figures is not given.

4 days test drive Nissan Leaf
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Posted 19th May 2015Posted 19th May 2015
Take New Nissan Leaf for 4 days extended drive. Charging points map: Call to book: 01923 899 899 or go to website and let them call you. Offer runs until 30 Septemeb… Read more

Thanks op. Have booked a drive next week. Been looking at a Leaf or a Zoe.


Now extended until 30 September 2015


as i recall there is one off payment for lifetime card @ abt £12


Do you need a special card for motorway charging points or can you just pay normally?


​Time to go back to school lad! What do you think regenerative braking is? Idiot.....

Nissan Leaf PCP, £159 per month. £3816 @ Nissan
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Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015
I know its not for everyone but thought i would share. Nissan Leaf on 2 year PCP, no deposit and £159 p/m 6000 miles p/a. This is for the Accenta, the lowest model but still well s… Read more
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Any good deal for leaf at this moment pls ?


Any good deal for leaf at this moment pls ?


sharaz90, I can only refer you to the speakev forum. They have all the best deals. There are several dealer employees who will give you full quotes depending on your requirements. As to the LEAF. Absolutely love it. Biggest problem is my wife always seems to get priority on it and I am left with the brand new Clio. A really fantastic car.


Hi ian Do u know if this offer is still available i am tryong to et a 65 plate but getting quotes at £279 How is your nissan leaf anyways?


Does any one know if this deal is still available

NEW Nissan Juke Visa Personal Contract Hire 3+23 - £3,693 @ Nissan Waterlooville
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Posted 31st Oct 2013Posted 31st Oct 2013
NEW Nissan Juke Visa Personal Contract Hire 3+23 - £3,693 @ Nissan Waterlooville
Shopped around this week for new contract hire and got this spectacular deal. White, diesel 1.5tdci. Base model with aircon. Brand new on latest 63 plate. 20k miles, 3 payments do… Read more
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Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but what's the service interval on this.? I'm at 16000 miles and haven't bothered yet... Cheers


Mine was delivered on Monday. Actually got a slightly different deal to this as WKB said they pulled the original deal. Got it on 23+6 for £120/month. 10k/yr. Can't fault the car nor Chris @ WKB... Top marks all round. :-)


I dont think they want the business. Seemed like a nice chap. Typical mail car dealership attitudes.


I've left 2 voicemails and an email, no-one got back to me. I did find similar deals, not as low as this though [3+23, 6k/yr].


yup. family under orders not to kerb it.

NISSAN LEAF from £15,990(withaout battery)  £20,990 with battrey.
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Posted 26th Sep 2013Posted 26th Sep 2013
NISSAN LEAF from £15,990(withaout battery) £20,990 with battrey.
Had email about this offer. you can just buy the car and rent the battery @ £70 PM. it has range of 124 miles per fully charged battery. I don't know how good this thing is. open … Read more
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I have a mobility car and tax is paid for me. I would like to help environment and save fuel costa but not sure this is ready for the job and Nissan don't relly have proven data to convince me to choose one.


Yes...In fact the price of motoring in general puts people off. Next question.


What? Sign me up! I've had a bit of a Google and can't find anything. Can you give a bit more of a clue? What sort of green initiative, and where are you?


amazing car... but many local 'green' initiatives offer better deals. I have mine on £150 month incl 25% cash back on my home charging costs... it's local so not much user to must but there are so many deals is worth googling before buying at this price.


Battery aside, that is one fugly vehicle.

Free Nissan LEAF 24H Test Drive
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Posted 21st Jun 2012Posted 21st Jun 2012
Free Nissan LEAF 24H Test Drive
Text from the site Experience the thrill of electric driving for yourself with your own LEAF for 24 HOURS. You can pick up the 100% electric car in the morning and even take it h… Read more

Top fuel funny car, like a GT40? Thats why theres petrol stations up & down the country. Not many places to charge your electric car and will take hours to charge. The solution for now is the engine should charge the battery, but the car will be running completely on battery power, the engines job will be to just charge, less moving engine parts, much lighter to reduce weight & very little fuel is needed. Combine with solar panels if possible to power lights, heater, radio etc. Cars like the prius are only useful in traffice jams, city driving but still very poor mpg. The leaf is only useful for a grocery getter, a very expensive grocery getter but if you dont drive much, whats wrong with having a 1.2liter car that you hardly use?


Anyone know if there is a minimum age?


Electric motor powering the wheels, and a diesel engine supplying electricity, is a much better idea than these current 100% electric cars.


To drive down to Cornwall from Leicester in one of these I would need to book an overnight stay somewhere I could recharge the car. Garbage idea electricity. Powerstations still have to work to give you that electricity and you can simply top up the car in 5 minutes when it's running low. I'm all for saving the eviroment but I don't see electric cars as the answer. Hydrogen maybe.


it is kind of too complicated for me

Free Use of A Nissan Micra For 24 Hours @ Nissan
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Posted 8th Mar 2011Posted 8th Mar 2011
Free Use of A Nissan Micra For 24 Hours @ Nissan
Nissan is currently offering a free 24 hour test drive with the new nissan micra. Call 0845 7669966 to book.
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Do you think they will let me drive it from Hertfordshire to Devonshire... if i win the devon compo?


i think ill try this out see if hmmm i wonder what happens if it get stolen when in you care? or lay some o shaped rubber in the ikea car park, red line it in 1st gear down the m4


they aren't identical. One's blue the other is grey. So cheap to run & reliable I can afford to have two.


Hmm, not so sure this is all that great a freebie. :I


Good luck getting this. Once my local dealership finally called me, they offered me a 15 minute test drive on a second hand Nissan Micra and wanted £100 deposit... :{