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FREE Build a 370z papercraft guide via Nissan Japan
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
FREE Build a 370z papercraft guide via Nissan JapanFREE£0.01
Download the pdf, print and construct a 370z or any other model in Nissans range. Happy folding...

Jaguar XKR Jaguar E-Type


I tried, it went OK but could have been better Nissan


Datsun 120Y


I was going to post Datsun Cherry but thought I'd try for something more contemporary!


I was hoping for a Sunny or Bluebird version :(

Nissan Offering FREE Car / Vehicle loan for NHS
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Nissan Offering FREE Car / Vehicle loan for NHSFREE£500
Proper awesome freebie for NHS from Nissan. And I do mean awesome. I genuinely think this is the most excellent of 'offers' that I've seen any merchant do for the amazing NHS. Rig… Read more
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I got mine 2 weeks ago. How long are people being allowed to keep them?


Happy to see some branches are making this available. Hoping to hear for mine :D


Thank you Nissan got it mine today with free insurance and recovery


Nope, nothing. I registered the same night as well. Where are you based? I’m in the sunny Glasgow (lol)


Has anyone had any luck getting one of these cars? I registered when it was first advertised, but as yet, nothing.

FREE 1 Year RAC European Roadside Assistance Worth £123 When you get your Nissan vehicle MOT at a Nissan Dealership
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Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
FREE 1 Year RAC European Roadside Assistance Worth £123 When you get your Nissan vehicle MOT at a Nissan Dealership£54.85
I wouldn't usually get an MOT done at a dealership as it is much cheaper elsewhere, but I was looking to renew my roadside cover which I was getting for free whilst having my servi… Read more

On the Juke there is no rear key operated hatch lock, its solenoid operated so it cant be overridden by a key from outside. I'm not the only person with this issue, many Juke and Note owners are suffering the same fault. Its not as though hatchbacks are a new concept, on my 20 year old Vectra they have the same setup but the wiring used was designed for durability, alas Nissan fall short in there use of quality wiring.




Ralph, any vehicle ought have a puff or 3 of graphite powder in the locks annually to help facilitate smoother function, whilst not saying it wasnt cruddy wire, the graphite powder (at under a quid delivered from ali-express) helps take the tension out of lock mechanisms... worth wandering around the home etc & using in window / conservatory locks etc after usin it on your vehicles for smoother movement in the keyhole & catches.


They must know you are going to need roadside assistance if you drive a Nissan (shock)


This breakdown service included with servicing came in handy when my Nissan Juke's boot refused to open. The breakdown man said they have had alot of calls due to the crappy wire boot harness breaking. The wires are so poor that every time you open and close the hatch they weaken and eventually snap. Apparently it was a Renault based cost saving that now renders all Jukes with limited lifespan due to penny pinching accountants reducing the quality of the wire used in the car. My previous Nissan's never had these issues, wont buy another one that's for sure.

2019 Nissan Micra 0.9 Ig T Acenta Limited Edition 5dr - Delivery miles - inc servicing £10500 @ Nissan
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
2019 Nissan Micra 0.9 Ig T Acenta Limited Edition 5dr - Delivery miles - inc servicing £10500 @ Nissan£10,500
Another pre-reg Nissan deal - reasonable price and great spec. Two years servicing included. Automatic air conditioning Reclining front seats Boot carpet Parcel shel… Read more

If it's the 0.9 tce Renault / Dacia use it's horrid.. no torque unless you rev it hard, always requiring downshifts to get the revs up so it will boost. Also hope Nissan don't use the Renault gearbox because it's awful. Nissan's tech will be alot better than Renault and miles better than Dacia


I was a mystery shopper for Nissan. Must have taken well over 50 Micra test drives. I really didn't like the way I had to over rev to get any pick up in low gears.


I assume that was motorway so would really expect much more for a 0.9 litre engine. There are bigger engines more economical than this one or do I miss something?


Multiply by 0.75 for approx real world MPGs because they are like 70-80% of NEDC figures (not just for this car)


Went from Portsmouth to bath last Friday. Averaged 61mpg

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Discount on new nissan cars
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Posted 20th Dec 2017Posted 20th Dec 2017
Discount on new nissan cars
Check to see if you can get discount on new nissan cars, it's off list price but might be worth it to someone. If you are police, fire or military you qualify. Even ex military. Th… Read more
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Or just use something like carwow and get the discounts automatically


Nissan offer discounts to virtually any business. Worth looking outside the dealerships they usually have posters advertising which businesses, but to be honest why would you accept anything less than 24% off which is what they offer those customers.


That’s awful to hear - NHS staff do a great job and shouldn’t be punished like that.


Check out drive the deal. Always play dealers off against each other. Savings of up to 25% are possible on some makes and models with a bit of work


Think it depends on the car - think we got 2k off it.

£2000 towards a used Nissan LEAF (electric) when trade in & bought on finance
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Posted 13th Nov 2017Posted 13th Nov 2017LocalLocal
£2000 towards a used Nissan LEAF (electric) when trade in & bought on finance
From the Nissan page: Simply trade in your car registered in 2009 or earlier and we will give you up to £2000 towards to a used 100% electric Nissan Leaf* or, in addition to our… Read more
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The dealer pulled out of the deal as it turned out, but due to the £2k part exchange/finance contribution not being available on the particular used leaf I was getting. Quite annoying but I couldn't be bothered to carry on with the dealer as I had some other concerns about the vehicle anyway.... I can't stand car dealers, even the main dealers in this case acted like sharks and tried all the free gap insurance, free alloy wheel cover and interior Scotchgard protection. If their idea of free is adding over a grand to the finance cost over 3 years....


0% Wow. Was it on this deal? Finance seems to be close to 10%.


Agree these should fall further. However the finance deal they offer can be quite good, I was offered 0% over three years need on around a 20% deposit. The 30kwh is the one to go for though, but these aren't very old yet so will cost confident more.


The catch is "bought on finance". They should offer the deal on cash purchases too. Why pay high finance charges? Wait until Feb/March when there will be glut of the 24kw models and the new Leaf deliveries means few buyers for a new old model. When the new model has a 40kw battery and 8 year warranty, who wants 24kw and remainder of a 5 year warranty? A used 30kw model may be a good buy if you can stomach the ugly looks compared to the new model!


Cobalt mining is clearly an issue I agree, but so is the mica used in metallic paint. There's all sorts of issues around using the earth's minerals for anything But you still seem to miss my point about pollution, obviously it isn't ok for any one to be polluted, but you can't compare a small possible increase in pollution from a gas power plant to that emitted by petrol and diesel cars around population centres. It affects less people and overall, due to efficiency gains, co2 and overall pollution is decreased. A single ev may increase household electric use by around 20-30% probably about the equivalent of a fridge freezer and a tumble drier or other high consumption appliances. I don't see any campaign to stop people having those due to the increased pollution for people living near power stations...