Nitro S300 Gaming Chair £194.99  Overclockers

Nitro S300 Gaming Chair £194.99 Overclockers

£194.99£207.976%Overclockers Deals
Found 3rd May
I have looked a lot into "Gaming Chair" over the last few weeks and come across this company they are same makers as the Noble Range but are made in China to keep costs down

Retail price is £229.99

Use all the same foam as the nobles just a cheaper price and they are fabric rather then the PU Leather others use (i don't like the leather styling so this was perfect) anyway it came today and is a really well made and comfortable chair

I'm sure most of the comments will be about what a "gaming chair" is and how overpriced they are but I will only use it for gaming so think it counts and for under £200 build to a similar spec to a nearly £400 one I think it also counts as a "Hot Deal"
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