Nitrobike (Wii) pre-order 17.99 @ gameplay
Nitrobike (Wii) pre-order 17.99 @ gameplay

Nitrobike (Wii) pre-order 17.99 @ gameplay

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6 player online game coming early February.
they have just recently dropped their price for this by £2 from previous preorders

If you already did preorder it you'll find they have adjusted your account to reflect this.

I've added the £5 off £30 voucher to the post too just to remind folk, as they might want to double this up with something else.

A lot of places are still trying to charge £30 odd for this game.

I think Gameplay also give 11% quidco into the bargain.

Game any good ??.....dont know, time will tell.


any reviews?

Preorder, Release date is 08/02/2008


In Nitrobike, players will navigate rocket-propelled motorcycles in this arcade-style game. Nitrobike players can choose to race against the clock or against worthy opponents in Nitrobike's exciting multiplayer game mode and unique online mode.

Nitrobike Features:

* Six-Person Online Multiplayer: A first on the Wii. Challenge up to five of your friends and cover them with mud as you speed past them to the finish line.
* Rocket to Victory: Use the Nitrobike nitro rocket to propel your bike to speeds the Wii has only dreamed of seeing until now.
* Massive Replayability: On top of the killer online multiplayer, Nitrobike features 20 levels of turbocharged gameplay and 42 kick-ass events.
* Be One With the Speed: Wii Remote rumble, blur effects, and screen shake will ensure this is the fastest experience you’ll encounter on the Wii.
* Rack ’em Up: Wreck your bike into a frame of king-sized pins in the four-player bowling game.
* You Gotta Be You: Career mode and customizable bikes and characters, will ensure you stand out as the most xtreme of the xtreme.

Screenshots can be found here: uk.gamespot.com/wii…all



any reviews?

not yet so keep an eye on this site:-



any reviews?

They are a bit thin on the ground, although published by UBI soft the game was actually developed by LEFT FIELD PRODUCTIONS who where also responsible for the awesome EXCITE BIKE 64 (obviously on the N64) so I would say that depending on whether they have got to grips with the Wii remote it should be pretty damn good!

Hope this helps!



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I get the feeling it'll be as manic as Excite truck but on motorbikes and with Online.
Hope it controls as well as Excite truck at least.

The price has come down to £16.99 even better
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