nitty gritty comb £5 @ sainsburys instore

nitty gritty comb £5 @ sainsburys instore

LocalFound 2nd Sep 2014
while doing my weekly shop yesterday in sainsburys , i remembered to check on the reduced kids medicines and got some saline nose drops 57p and some cough syrup 60p and noticed the nitty gritty combs were also on offer at £5 - my daughter starts nursery next week and no doubt this will come in handy
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This is without doubt the best solution for bugs and eggs. It never ever fails me. Gets the tiniest of bugs out and old and new eggs too Lotion on the other hand is rubbish.
Never fails me as a parent not as someone who's constantly got nits haha x
thanks for the info
Great price! Snap them up while you can, especially with the kids going back to school.
...can also ask for a prescription from your GP/Health Visitior to get one for free: See here.

This and tea-tree conditioner has been the only thing to really work for us. Comb it through after a bath twice a week and the little buggers are gone.

Nothing else has been effective. Lyclear? What a load of junk! And the one which you are supposed to put on over night - with "no need to wash out" didn't work and made us all look like we had been living on the streets for months - even after washing out!
£5! great deal!!

I don't know why don't schools stock them in, bulk buy, then show certain parents how to use them (every class there is always one who never stops having nits!) and curb the nit problem
One method that worked for me a few years back when my niece was a tot: (I have very thick hair, and over-the-counter solutions didn't seem to work!!) was (original) Listerine in a spray bottle, then put hair in a towel for a few hours. Then sprayed and combed (with Nitty Gritty comb). Then soak hair in White Vinegar, and rinse. Comb again.

Saw the remedy online and was amazed that it worked!
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These are the best combs for getting rid of nits. I read a method on the web that worked for us. Wash hair in water as hot as you can stand, soak hair in a mix of cheap vinegar and water (loosens glue that holds them onto the hair shaft), put on lots and lots of conditioner. Wrap a towel round the hair and wait half an hour or so, then start combing through. Don't laugh, but I used one of those torches that go round your head on an elastic band, or a positionable light, as you really need to get every single nit out. If your hair is dark, it can be difficult to spot them.

Then off to the barbers for a number 3 haircut so you can check more easily.

The vinegar method is a bit unpleasant so perhaps not suitable for younger children.
Louise posted the vinegar tip whilst I was typing. I should have said - cheap supermarket white vinegar, the brown Sarsons is more smelly, but I presume it would also work.
I read that white vinegar is better than malt vinegar, can't remember the reason why though? But worth trying if it's the only thing to hand.

To soak the hair you need quite a big bottle of vinegar for hair though, so try to get one of the 500ml "value" bottles, which is what I did.
Brilliant comb, should be standard issue to all families with kids! Only thing that gets rid of lice and the eggs and a twice weekly combing ensures if anymore decide to try and set up home they are erradicated before they get the chance to breed.
Fantastic price. Paid £9.99 in boots last week
Couldn't you get the Nitty Gritty free on the NHS at one point? Not sure but I vaguely remember a thread on MSE years ago mentioning this.

HUKD has a very old thread on this:…350…pdf (not sure if this is the right one).
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These do work, have used this comb for years on my children (and myself!), however, none of them have had anything for a couple of years now. When I first noticed (around 10 years ago) my eldest son with some head lice, I used to use various head lice solutions from the chemist, etc, which was costly with having 4 children, however, when I found out about the wet combing method (with conditioner) which my doctor told me about (refused to prescribe any head lice solutions on prescription), it worked brilliantly (especially with this comb). We always have one of these combs in the house and will continue to do so - money well spent.
To be honest I don't think you really need to bother with vinegar and listerine etc. Normal conditioner caked on and taking the time to go through every single piece of hair with a nitty gritty comb will get rid of them. The conditioner will stop any live nits in their tracks anyway. Its the combing through that, I think, people are not strict enough with. I've had many mums tell me that they just use the lotions, and then complain they still have nits later on. As long as you do a good thorough comb through (with a nitty gritty comb) every other day for a week you will get rid of them. This is a great price though.
I use this on my daughter twice a week, every week except holidays - when she gets a reprieve, haha. If any have got into her hair this gets rid of the little blighters before they get chance to lay any eggs usually - great price.
Good price for a great product. I agree with manda1, no need for the vinegar, just tons of conditioner so you can get the comb through easily. Do it methodically in sections, probably will take half an hour or so, once a week, to get any new hatch-lings. Will be completely clear within a month. I know this may seem a long time and every other day as manda1 says would probably be better but for me once a week was difficult enough with a reluctant child!
best comb I have ever brought. worth buying but even better at this price
It is correct that just conditioner will do the job, but I did find the vinegar helped as it (supposedly) loosens the glue that sticks the nits to the hair so they come out more easily. As mentioned thoroughness and vigilance is the main thing though. Easier with boys too as nits are much more easily removed from short hair.

I have never tried the commercial products so can't say if they are worth the money, but your best weapons are definitely one of these combs and a huge bottle of cheap conditioner. Other combs just aren't up to the job.
Hot from me ! Yes you can/used to be able to get this on nhs, think you had to download and fill in a form. For the sake of a £5 not worth the effort.
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