Nitty Gritty headlice comb, half price £5.50
Nitty Gritty headlice comb, half price £5.50

Nitty Gritty headlice comb, half price £5.50

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The best headlice comb I've found, you can get it on free prescription - BUT my doctors refused it (tightwads) and I know others who've been told the same.
Its usually £10.99 but you can get it from the website for £5.50 if you use the code NETMUMS
Offer on till end of Dec



If you don't want to pay £5.50 yourself doesn't that make you as tight as … If you don't want to pay £5.50 yourself doesn't that make you as tight as your doctor? :?

but why should u pay if can get it on prescription

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I paid the £10.99 a while ago for it (my doctors won't give anything on prescription, I had to beg for test strips when I had gestational diabetes)
£5.50 is a great price, I'm tempted to order another :-)

this is a good price. as member said, why should you be able to get this on presciption.

thanks op ordered one:thumbsup:

might be worth having a word with health visitor - suggest they have a 'lets get rid of nits day''
as [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]they can get kits for free from their 'sources'[/SIZE][/COLOR]

schools dont even send notes out know informing there is an outbreak

if all the mums in the world combed kids hair for 2 weeks we would get rid of them!!

i know it wont happen - just a shame that you have to keep on top of it

bet you you all scratching your heads now:-D

thanks glad i forgot to go to my local chemist yesterday , as was going to buy i for 10.99. so just ordered one

The problem at my local primary is they keep getting infections, and most of the parents clean their children, but there's a core of 5 or 6 mothers who refuse to deal with their kids. So there's some kids that always have headlice, and they just keep re-infecting all the rest. Which makes the cleaning efforts of the majority a total waste of time.

The school aren't allowed to send letters home anymore because this would be picking on the infected children.

Personally I think the parents of these kids should be legally obliged to care for their bloody children.

is this comb any good though. i find that my daughters hair is so fine, whenever i comb through , even with loads of conidtioner, the eggs just stay put :x

This is just the comb, we bought Lyclear Creme Rinse :thumbsup: from local chemist for £4.74 and that had a free comb with it.


Couldn't you just shave your kids heads to stop them getting infected?

And any other body hair :-D Remember David Bowie in "The Man Who Fell To Earth"?
(Where've my smiley's eyebrows gone?):roll:

I bought a couple of cheaper 'just in case' combs when my son started school, however when he did eventually come home with headlice I did the whole conditioner and comb thing and although all the lice came out the eggs stayed. I went to the local chemist and she recommended that I buy one a nitty gritty comb as everyone she has sold one to has been very impressed with them. I thought I would try it as she pointed out that with the creams and lotions you have still got to buy them and some have really harsh chemicals in them, once you have the nitty gritty it's all you will ever need. I used it that night and was shocked at how many eggs came out, it's really great. I use it every sunday night as a precaution, but because the needles are so close together I use another comb first and just finish off with this one.
I also use a tea tree spray on my kids hair every morning, it's natural and we haven't had any more lice!


You can get this free from your doctor … You can get this free from your doctor :-http://nittygritty.co.uk/site/howtogetaprescription.asp

I would suggest changing Doctor is the only paperwork necessary, as problems over something so trivial doesn't give a lot of confidence for when you need something more expensive that might keep you alive!
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