nivea deodorant 150ml BOGOF  £1 @ Tesco

nivea deodorant 150ml BOGOF £1 @ Tesco

Found 5th Nov 2011
BOGOF on nivea 150ml pearl & beauty 48h or double effect 48h, original price £ 1.99, then reduce at £1 and now 2 for £1


Great deal,will check my local Tesco.
Edited by: "Skybird" 5th Nov 2011

a price not to be sniffed at

nice find

great offer thanks op

Yep this works .... thanks for that :-D

Just make sure you get the 150ml !!

Typical ive just been tesco too !!!! Will nip down next week see if its on thanks OP x

Cracking deal, have stocked up

got some from asda last week for £1 a tin. still hot.

This stuff is awful. I stocked up on it recently when the 250ml bottles were £1.53 in Boots and it has ruined several of my t-shirts with hard white stains underneath the arms. I would never buy it again.

I know Lynx stinks to high heaven, and I wish they made a version with a more mellow smell, but performance wise nothing touches it. And no hard white stains either.

Awful deodrant!
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