Nivea kids sun cream factor 50 £1.87 @ Tesco

Nivea kids sun cream factor 50 £1.87 @ Tesco

Found 2nd Sep 2014
Factor 50 suncream reduced from £12.00 to £1.87!! Nivea brand


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Sorry didn't put where it's at tesco Instore

We will get another 12 weeks of sun so don't think it's the end of summer!

A good deal if you need it ... never paid more than £5 a bottle though, usually buy from Asda

I guess Summer is officially OVER then...

Also had banana boat range £1.87! In coventry store

Great price

Had after sun as well. Can't believe how much was there!

go on my hols soon so will pop into Tesco but does that yellow reduced sticker mean store specific?

Asda have the same sun cream for £1.50
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