Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, 100ml £2.50 at Amazon (Add on Item)

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, 100ml £2.50 at Amazon (Add on Item)

Found 17th Aug 2014
Thought this would make a nice little stocking filler! Terrible talking about Xmas in August I know but you have to grab the bargains whilst you can!
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I used to use this stuff years ago, I'm sure it wasn't too bad. I wonder why I stopped. Anyway as I segue in to my mid 40's I see the all too obvious signs of aging. I found a website so I'm trying some of their products, no idea if they're any good, they might be crap. I found it whilst looking for Hyaluronic acid and some anti acne products on Amazon. Life decided that I should have totally clear skin until I get to 42 years old, then I should get acne on my forehead. Thanks for that hehe Ah well it's a blessing I guess as I was starting to let myself go, now I'm eating really well and I might even get back to exercising. Long story short look after yourself you only get one go, I won't be doing any of that cosmetic surgery lark though.
..... Anywayyyyy back to the Nivea Balm...

My son has sensitive skin and swears by this after he shaves, no stinging sensation at all. He keeps it in the fridge, so very soothing. Good price to stock up thanks.
This is good stuff. those that shave
+heat added it to an order.

hard pushed to find it at this price in stores anymore, cheapest seems to be about £3 when on offer.
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no deal, always this price 365 days a year on amazon
This is good ****.
A friend of mine who considers himself a rufty-tufty ex-Army type used to take the wee-wee out of me for using this stuff (probably because it doesn't sting, neither does it smell like a tart's boudoir - as do many popular after-shaves).

Then his kid bought him some and so he had to use it. Now he swears by it. So he should, because it's good stuff. Plus it stops your face going wrinkly in later life.

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Thanks a lot.
Just got 4 for a tenner, free delivery.
I have used this stuff for ages.
Its quite good.
Great stuff this
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