Nivea mens sport gift set @ Asda - £2 instore

Nivea mens sport gift set @ Asda - £2 instore

Found 22nd Dec 2012
Nice little gift set from Asda, includes a watch, body spray and shower gel
Tesco have this also but reduced to £4.02
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thanks op,ill pop to asda soon see if theres any in
Probably store specific our local never have any of these deals on their £3 trees which were a £1 everywhere else were reduced to 2.50 yesterday
I told the Mrs to buy me this last time we popped in.....i only wanted the set for the watch
Great find
Lots of reductions on the women's sets in Epsom, but only a few on the men's. These weren't included.. Some great bargains though!
you can get those watches for 49p in Home Bargains if you don't see any of these sets in Asda.
Which branch was this in?
This is national. It's in the system at £2 at the store I work at but these sold out very quickly
My secret santa present was this at work. I wasn't impressed. The 'sports-watch' is useless landfill fodder, I wish Id received the Cava that I got for someone else (bah humbug!). £2 is about right for the deodorant and shower gel.

oops im signed in on the missuses account...
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good for emergency presents!!
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