Nivea Moisturising Suncream Spray - SPF 20, 200ml @ ASDA - £2.50

Nivea Moisturising Suncream Spray - SPF 20, 200ml @ ASDA - £2.50

Found 24th Jul 2014
Sun Protection Factor: 20
•Immediate protection
•Advanced UVA and UVB protection
•High water resistance
•Long lasting moisturisation

Can't find any cheaper!!!
SUN here I come

also in store
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ah gutted out of stock!! grrr!!
Good price but out of stock
Hot deal - Just picked up a couple myself. They also have a range Ambre Solaire mixed SPF sun creams down at £2.50
Sure it's national as asda Mansfield had loads at £2.50! Heat added
OOS online.

not valid in Asda Wolstanton (small store)
I found some in asda waterloovile, portsmouth, had factor 15,20 and 30 in Nivea brand
Also had ambre solaire factor 20/30
For same price
SPF20 isnt sufficient to protect you from the sun
My local didnt have any nivea left but they had Ambre Solaire factor 20 and 30 also for £2.50
loads in asda Darlaston
Moisturising cream only makes u sweat more and it all drips off. The dry touch lotions, Oils are best
Normal Asda no stock
Well I like Asda having no stock, as I just picked up my 7 bottles of Nivea Suncream at £2.50 / bottle (or so I thought) using Click & Collect service at local Asda. However they substituted all seven bottles with Ambre Solaire UVA 5* Clear Protect + that is normally £7 per bottle. Now that's what I call a deal :-) Thanks ASDA
They have Nivea Suncream Spray - SPF 15 online at £2.50 for a 200ml bottle.
Cambridge Asda had Ambre Solaire in stock last night, picked up two factor 15 and two factor 20 for £2.50
SPF30 was available for £2.50 in Asda Clapham Junction this afternoon. Not loads, but a few left... worth checking other stand-alone racks at the end of random aisles too (not just the expected 'sun care' section)
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