Nivea Soft Mix Me I am the Exotic One 100ml £1.99 @ Superdrug

Nivea Soft Mix Me I am the Exotic One 100ml £1.99 @ Superdrug

Found 21st Jul
normal price £2.99
Nivea Soft Mix Me I am the Exotic One. Mix directly on your skin with NIVEA Soft I am the Chilled Oasis One and Berry Charming for your own cream scent.

FeaturesFor face, body, and hands
Moisturising cream for everyday use

Product code: 754974
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Linky to all three here:…+me


nice find op, has anyone tried them?
It's £1.50
As mentioned above, all of them are £1.50, not £1.99.

Nivea Soft is an amazing body cream - got tubs and tubs of it, mum buys it too. Didn't realise there was a scented variety. Will look out for it in Superdrug

Bit confused though - the description suggests you mix it with Nivea Soft cream* ?!

There's these two as well: Nivea Soft Limited Edition Green 100ml
34445205-112v2.jpgNivea Soft Mix Me I am the Berry Charming One 100ml
34445205-WJRPi.jpg*Edit: Suppose I can answer my own question.
One reviewer says, "I love the original nivea soft but this beats it smell wise! You can mix the three different scents together but this smells divine on its own. I only wish it came in a bigger pot!"
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Got this for £1.50 today
Ordered one of each - hope they are good as they look(unicorn)
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