Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream large 300ml pot £4.87 in Sainsburys

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream large 300ml pot £4.87 in Sainsburys

Found 22nd Jan 2009
This might not seem like such a great deal at first glance, but considering it sells for £6.99 at Superdrug and £6.84 at Boots, it doesn't seem so bad!!

This 300ml tub is on average 6 times bigger than other face creams - this is because it is primarily marketed as a face, body and hand cream but in my opinion it is as good as if not better than any other facial moisturisers.

NIVEA® Soft is a highly effective moisturising cream for everyday use on face, hands and body. The improved formula with Jojoba Oil now contains even more moisturising care and has a refreshing effect on your skin, while Vitamin E helps protect its natural structure. Enjoy a fresh moisture boost as NIVEA Soft absorbs immediately into your skin and leaves it feeling sensationally soft, supple and invigorated.

Please note this is the 300ml tub not the slightly smaller 200ml tub also available (which is actually £4.29 in Sainsburys so you are getting an extra 50% more cream for only 58p)

I know there are a few Nivea bogofs around but couldn't see this cream in any of the offers so thought it was worth a post as a good stand-alone price.

Edit - just found it for £4.88 at Asdas so probably not the deal of the century least I am honest though!!

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