NMI Viewer (Windows Store)  (IoT, Raspberry Pi etc) was £38.59 now FREE

NMI Viewer (Windows Store) (IoT, Raspberry Pi etc) was £38.59 now FREE

Found 26th Apr 2017
This is a bit of a geeky one, so it won't be for everyone. However it's exceptionally priced at FREE for the next 30 days.

If you're into Internet of Things, or want to manage a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IoT edition of Windows, as well as somewhat nifty features such as read and write settings via NFC... this is probably the software you want to play with.

Works on Xbox One, Holographic headsets, PC and mobile devices.


The NMI Viewer is a convenience App allowing fast access to the C-Labs HTML5 NMI Dashboard. Users can securely save their credentials, select a relay for Kiosk mode and automatically jump into a specific Screen on the Relay.
The Windows Mobile version features NFC write and read of Relay settings
The HoloLens version is optimized for Holographic viewing of Machine Dashboards
The X-Box One version allows to use an X-Box One for Shop Floor and Home dashboards
The IoT Version is tested against Windows 10 IoT for Raspberry PI and allows to create a mini Dashboard computer that can be placed on the back on a big screen TV on shop floors or break areas.

+ Kiosk Mode
+ NFC for Windows Mobile
+ Location and Sunrise/Sunset awareness to optimize screen colors
+ Rotation and Display Size aware
+ Optimized for HoloLens,Mobile, X-Box One and Windows IoT
+ Auto discovery of Relays using UPnP
+ DeepLink support for direct screen access
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I have a Pi but can't see what I can do with this software.
Also, site says "You need a on-site C-Labs Relay to use the NMI Viewer"
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