No Country for Old Men
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From today's Guardian

Please Select the screening you want to attend

ODEON, Manchester Printworks Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM

ODEON, Glasgow Quay Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM

ODEON, Norwich Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM

ODEON, Wimbledon, London Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM

ODEON, Whiteleys Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM

ODEON, Southampton Tuesday 15 Jan6.30 PM


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not sure why this is showing as expired!
First time i've posted on the new forum so I guess ive done something wrong
Can someone edit it please

Still tickets left at Norwich and Southampton if anyone is around there, all other screenings are full!

You'll need to ask a Mod to unexpire the deal I think.

Expires: 15/01/2007

needs to be 2008 i think!

Yep, took out expiry date

lol i saw the film today in Swindon. Its great but, its a little over hyped in my opinion.

def over hyped not a good movie still wondering what the hell was going on, tommy lee jones wasted in this...

Saw this from a source......

It's pretty good film, but i think over hyped to be honest. It is good though.

great film odd ending

Also watched this from a "source".
Mixed reactions to this movie. Great main bad guy. However it does take an unexpected turn towards the end of the movie, which many will find annoying.
A bit slow in parts too.
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