No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT + storage bag £1.99 @ Boffer
No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT + storage bag £1.99 @ Boffer

No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT + storage bag £1.99 @ Boffer

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What you are Boffering tonight ladies and gentlefolk is not just a No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT, nor is it an M&S No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT, no this is a legacy. Now what I am about to divulge is the history of the forgotten sport of power kiting.

Invented by the Ancient Egyptians originally as a way to get rid of the Ox while harvesting crops, power kites never really took off (pun intended) mainly due to a lack of wind.

It was only until an Egyptian nomad ventured into Greece (by flying his cowhide kite) did the art of power kiting reach critical mass. In the year 202AD power kiting was introduced into the Olympic Games and it remained there until the 19th century when a spectacular event occurred...

In the said year at the games a young upstart power kiter who had the industry buzzed was a Mexican named Ramonez No Fearos who was hotly tipped to take centre stage and win gold.

Unbeknownst to Ramonez a large wind was gathering speed behind him and just as he made his jump he was swept up in a hurricane breaking all previous power kiting records.

The Olympic committee decided that power kitting was now too dangerous for the mainstage and instead replaced it with Bridge.

Power kiting was buried for decades until the No Fear Hurricane Power Kite XT was released in honour of Ramonez No Fearos, and now Boffer gives you the chance to carry on his legacy.

Oh. This is not just any description. This is a Boffer description.

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is this a 4 or 2 line power kite?

If it's a 4 line then it's a bargain, but if it's a 2 line it's not worth having as you get very little control, which you need for successful flying.
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