NO joining fee in Pure Gym -

NO joining fee in Pure Gym -

Found 4th Jan 2013
I joined Pure Gym in Manchester and tried adjusted code from previous thread here. So for me works PM13. I suppose all codes previously mentioned in this:…709
will work by putting 13 at the end.
If something wrong let me know. It's my first thread here.
Hope I help someone. Enjoy
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Not sure why cold - especially at this time of year. Anyway PGST13 works for Stoke as I've been meaning to sign up to our local one for a week or so now and this has just saved me £25 so thank you very much IceC.
sounds good to me, Thanks! Heat added!
no idea why this is cold. just used PGS13 in southampton and it worked a treat
Any codes for birmingham west
What's stockport code any ideas
Whats the southampton gym like?

Is everyone up there ar5e or do they let you get on with it
PGM13 works for west bromwich
Anyone got a code for Birmingham City Centre ..broad street
Anyone know the code for Wolverhampton (Bentley Bridge) Please
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