No Man`s Sky £19.99  @ Steam

No Man`s Sky £19.99 @ Steam

Posted 12th Oct
No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.
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Hate is here!
£1.99 and we have a deal.
Such a great game after the updates.
pb-live12/10/2019 22:41

Such a great game after the updates.

I bough it on launch. And I hated it. It deserved all the negative press about it. Today, it's a totally different game, and worth a try at least. But I fear, the damage was already done. But somehow Bethesda got away with it. Fallout 76 was horrible, but now everyone loves it for the most part.
Beth have poured a lot of effort into F76 as they have the resources to do and its def a different animal than at launch but pretty tough to solo as you get further along. I'm sure NMS was close to a tenner once - so posting at 20 sounds quite brave,
lol - this has gotta be the coldest deal I've ever seen
Best game ever
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