No Mans Sky Limited Edition Custom PS4 Faceplate £7.49 @ eBay/g2gltd (or £7.31 @ Amazon)

No Mans Sky Limited Edition Custom PS4 Faceplate £7.49 @ eBay/g2gltd (or £7.31 @ Amazon)

Found 19th Feb 2017
Brand new No Mans Sky 'limited Edition Faceplate' with free postage on eBay.

However if you have Prime and want next day delivery (or £1 no rush credit) Amazon are also selling it at £7.31 but would only benefit for those spending £20 or have Prime

Link to Amazon in 1st comment
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No Mans Sky Faceplate (£7.31 @ Amazon)

£7.30 now.
Being No Man's Sky, this will probably be a child's drawing on a bit of A4 paper and you'll be expected to provide your own tape to stick it onto your PS4. Also, no refunds.
"Limited Edition" because they don't think there are that many people who would actually want to give themselves a daily reminder that they spent £50 on this game. X)

The music was pretty good so.
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Fool me once
The faceplate is better than the actual game, why is this cold?
It's a very good looking faceplate and the price is great.
This is a good deal REGARDLESS if you liked the game or not. This site is supposed to be about deals not constantly arguing if a game is good or not (specially since it's been done in every single no man's sky thread and this isn't even a deal about the game itself!). Heat from me.

Fool ME once

Does this only fit the old style ps4?
I remember when i bought two of these thinking they would be a good investment to store away

half lol half cry lol

Does this only fit the old style ps4?

A great secret santa joke gift.
No mans sky facepalm not faceplate!
Can't see these selling very well.. limited edition but they've got LOADS of them I actually didn't hate the game.. I thought for the 5er I paid I more than got my monies worth!
Pointless tat.
not only was the game the biggest flop recorded, you now can be reminded it still exists on a daily basis.
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