No more Heroes 2 for Wii @ the HUT for £11.93!!
No more Heroes 2 for Wii @ the HUT for £11.93!!

No more Heroes 2 for Wii @ the HUT for £11.93!!

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Hot Price for one of the finest + fun games ever made... enough said.

Those wanting a more indepth summary:

Travis is back!

Dual beam katanas! Slammin' wrestling moves! Giant robots! Coconuts! Chicks with short skirts and bad attitudes!

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle continues the tale of punk anti-hero Travis Touchdown, the Japanese anime Otaku, and pro wrestling-obsessed assassin. Travis finds himself at the bottom of the United Assassins Association (UAA) rankings and must wage war to become the No. 1 assassin once again.

The follow-up to the popular No More Heroes offers fans infectious, fun gameplay that allows you to wield not just one but two swords and face multiple bosses simultaneously in bigger-than-ever boss battles.

Gamesradar, 90%: "A bizarre, wonderfully trashy sequel, No More Heroes 2 adds a ton of cool new activities and boss fights without messing too much with what worked the first time... it's one of the most brilliant experiences the Wii has to offer."

IGN, 8.8/10: "This isn't a game that begs you to play it. It's a game that knocks on your front door, waits for you to answer in a towel and your favourite pair of slippers, rips your head off and shoves it down your throat."

Gamespot, 8.5/10: "Outrageously irreverant, eccentric and self-aware, No More Heroes 2 is a giant robot full of fun."

Watch the trailer, find out about the ladies in Travis's life, different ways to earn money, the weapons you'll encounter, and Travis's favourite anime.

Hear what the renowned games creator Suda-51 has to say in this interview exclusive to Hoshi.

* Fight 50 of the most original, deadly and downright crazy assassins

* Shred your enemies with six types of beam katana

* Embrace your wild side with the outrageous tiger metamorphosis.

* Earn your money old school style with classic 2D job missions

* Grapple your opponents with bone-crunching wrestling moves


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Why cant I upload a picture!!!! oO Someone HELP


Nice one


Excellent. I might check this out.

I'm sorry peeps, but this is SCORCHING, no-one comes near this price and the game is supposedly amazing.


Cheers, Nice price, can't wait to charge up my sword


I voted cold because you said "nuff said" (albeit in a slightly different fashion)

I'm joking, but next time I'll do it! Hot

Thanks, ordered

Is there an improvement on the graphics from the first one? I know it's supposed to be retro, but a slight increase in quality wouldn't do it any harm.

dammit saw this deal earlier, now i've had to order because they'll sell out
yes i have already played half the game and it is indeed amazing. they cut most of the crap out of the first and reduced it to what it is - a serious of outrageous boss fights. this is a very funny game for mature intelligent gamers, i think better than almost anything on the other consoles..

edit: yes graphics are improved but arguably the controls were dumbed down a bit. i'm not sure which game i prefer overall - i enjoyed NMH1 more probably because it was fresh and funnier. NMH2 is still very good imho, but the first game is more essential and influential.

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Put this is way... I loved NMH1, but NMH 2 is one hell of a ride. Its insanely fun, beautiful art direction and very involving. It has to be at least contender of game of the year + the best new IP created.

EVERYONE... buy it... or

I'll be knocking on your front door, waiting for you to answer in a towel and your favourite pair of slippers, then rip your head off and shove it down your throat.:D

I'M JOKING... im no way as cool as TRAVIS TOUCHDOWN!
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For the life of me I have no idea what people seeming this game. Boring, repetitive, not a tenth as funny as it thinks it is, blatantly aimed at hormonal teens (short skirts and cleavage shots AOTS).

Only redeeming feature is the 8-bit style mini-games. The main game though is completely and utterly outclassed by MadWorld, which plays similarly, but is better presented, is more fluid and intuitive, and contains actual humour.

well FWIW i can't see what people see in Madworld - boring, repetitive, and gets old very fast (and i have both games).
but then, this isn't a review site, is it..


both are highly rated games that anyone with a serious interest in original game design should check out.
for me, Madworld is more fun to watch someone else play, NMH is more fun to play yourself.

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disapointed this game doesn't have the blood from the US version, value though

ordered - heat added ;-) thanks

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disapointed this game doesn't have the blood from the US version, value … disapointed this game doesn't have the blood from the US version, value though

eRR... This game has lots of blood, its the same as the US version this time. I think you are confusing yourself with the first game.

its very OTAKU and overwhelming too... MUST KILL ONE MORE ASSASSIN!

Edited by: "supermetroid" 2nd Sep 2010

cheers smetroid, I take it back :-)


made my day.... 'scorching' HOT ..ordered and cant wait for it to come!

Looks great and voted hot. Just got too many games waiting to be played ATM!

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Dealspwn... where are u??

People need to buy this game!!!!!
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