no! no! hair remover new £79.99 @ Argos / Ebay

no! no! hair remover new £79.99 @ Argos / Ebay

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Found 30th Dec 2015
Hair remover for fine white wispy fine hairs.
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Good price but it gets awful reviews otherwise I'd try it

Good price but it gets awful reviews otherwise I'd try it

I hear you .. but from what i've 'heard' of this (as me NOT own one ... ) you NEED to make use of this continuously/Daily for at least 30+ Days to then see any 'real results'? .. so if thos giving it the shizzle reviews are not doing the 'Company stated' 'minimum', then what does anyone expect .....

Yes '30 Days Minimum!', then ..... (a BIGGGGGGG 'commitment' in the Day & Age of everyones mad BUSY schedules?, but ..... ) :-)
This is absolute s**t I advise reading online reviews before you buy.
And no you don't get your money back after 30 days
Shockingly bad product... Does not work even when used daily for more than 30 days.
Fantastic if you love the smell of burning hair and slightly singed but still totally intact hairy legs yeah its totally and utterly useless . The instruction contradict themselves multipliable times in very basic ways and the unit its self does not work no matter what way you use it and anyone who has every smelled burning hair knows just how disgusting it is avoid at all costs
At this price, I prefer a razor, I don't understand why people buy these products, hair protects our body, if we start removing them, it grows vigorously and becomes more brittle.
Apparenlty you have to use for full 60 days, and say so, to get money back.
Lol shopping channel crap
You have to be extremely committed. And I do mean EXTREMELY. It does make a difference if I'm honest but damn does it take ages or what! But if you have a lot of time then yeah go for it. But I'd say go to johnlewis instead because the kit does have a tendency to die.
What does it do?!
Am sooooo glad I've read these comments. Keep saying to my hubby I need one....looks like I'm sticking with my salon trips!
''Hair remover for fine white wispy fine hairs''
Surely only the elderly or perhaps a particular shade of natural blonde could be described as 'white hairs' ? What about those of us with darker or thicker hair - seems to me that this gadget has limited appeal.

Cheaper alternative
It's for dark coarse hair! Just normal hair you'd get rid of with a razor use this instead. Personally u think it does work. Do it once a week minimum you will see results x
i was thinking of buying one, but will avoid after these comments
Thank you everyone I was seriously considering buying one until now
Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on the nono hair removal system coz my girlfriend has been asking me to get her one and I was never that keen on the idea and now I have seen this im deffo not getting one x
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