No7 Illuminated Make up Mirror at £19.99 Boots

No7 Illuminated Make up Mirror at £19.99 Boots

Found 3rd Dec 2014
Bought one of these for the girlfriend and she loves it, good idea for a stocking filler for the missus.

Product description

No7 2014 Illuminated Make-up Mirror

See your skin in a truer light with this double sided, illuminated No7 mirror. Designed to eliminate shadows and glare, this mirror has been developed and tested by our in-house specialists for a product you can trust. Compared to its predecessor, this 2014 edition has a dimmer switch for various lighting settings, as well as a swivelling motion for all those positions needed to help you with your beauty regime.

• Normal, plus 5x magnification

• 360° lighting around the mirror makes it perfect for make-up application and grooming

• Dimmer switch to help you control the lighting to what you want

• Swivel motion to postion your mirror at various angles

• Standard UK 3-pin plug

• 2 year guarantee


I had an earlier version but it broke and I absolutely loved it. Much better than some of the other mirrors I've had/tried.

random question but is this electric or battery powered?

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Electric, plugs into the mains.

waiting for it to go down more.. was this price last year before xmas, post xmas it was £12-15

Got this for my mum on a boots glitch. Don't think its worth £50.00 but she loves it.


Give it a week and will be half price, they were last year, and pyramids built with them all over the Boots sales floors!!

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They were £14.99 last year, but this is the 2014 version, I've bought it anyway as I don't think it will go any cheaper and I'm not paying £50 for it!

These are great I've had mine for 3 years!

Love the mirror, but I found that the light is poor.

Excellent product but does go lower in price. Had mine for £14.99 about 5 years ago! Don't ever get the bulbs from Boots mind; so expensive. Standard refrigerator bulbs are the same size - you can get 2 bulbs for about £0.59 in bargain shops!
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