No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror £19.99 @ Boots (Free C&C)

No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror £19.99 @ Boots (Free C&C)

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Found 8th Feb
Down another fiver, this can't be bad at all. Grabbed one last time at £24.99 for 'er indoors' and she loved it. It's free C&C as per, or £3.50 if you want it delivered. I think either way it's pretty decent really.

*WARNING* Watch out when flipping to the magnified side of the mirror


Bought one of these for the wife at christmas for £19.99. She thinks it's great. Heat added.

Same here, my wife loves it! I was even complemented on my choice of gift!

This is mains operated right so no good for bathrooms without a plug?

Wife bought this the other day when it was £25. Told her to wait.

Have had one over a year now from when it was reduced to this price last year. Accidently broke one side last week but didn't fancy replacing at £49.99, so glad it's been reduced again! Thanks OP!

i grabbed one

for ere next door


I bought this before Christmas and would def recommend- it's a complete makeup changer! I couldn't believe the difference it made when I was doing my winged eyeliner. Although I wish it also had the option of battery charge for when you're not near a plug as the cable is quite short

Thanks! Mine broke after having it years and years.. been on the look out for when it was cheaper!

I have one of these I think its brilliant wouldn't be without it

Is it battery powered

Have some heat

Thank you OP - been waiting for this to come back into stock, my daughter will be pleased!
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