No.7 Products - Protect and Perfect. 3 for 2

No.7 Products - Protect and Perfect. 3 for 2

Found 17th Sep 2007
One for the ladies - or pretty boys...
3 for 2 - saves you 16 quid.

Doin this from phone. Can admin put in details. Ta


lol @ pretty boys :giggle:

P&P is damn fine stuff !! :-)

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Now, correct me if I'm has been known

I was under the impression that this was the 'magic' serum that people were going mad for not so long ago?

I'm surprised at the lack of interest in this. Is this due to a high male population on HUKD?

Boots always have some sort of offer on their N07 range. Last month it was a free beauty bag with purchases and now it is 342.

I use P&P and it is excellent stuff but you only need a tiny bit each time so I wouldn't want to buy 3 lots at once. I did make use of this offer as I needed some P&P and a blusher but found myself searching for something else of the price of the blusher just so I could get it free!

Personally I prefer the free gifts!

So just a warm vote from me.

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See that's better - some worthwhile info.

Now I know I shouldn't use too much - if I was to use it that is :whistling:
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