Noise Cancellation Headphones for £19.99 @ALDI!!!
Noise Cancellation Headphones for £19.99 @ALDI!!!

Noise Cancellation Headphones for £19.99 @ALDI!!!

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Dont let external noise spoil your listening pleasure these specialist, state-of-the-art headphones filter out all sorts of sounds so that all you can hear is your favourite music, in crystal clarity and comfort.

* Foldable clamp ideal for travelling
* Mylar loudspeaker: 40mm diameter for crystal sound
* Microphone power supply: 2 ?1.5V micro batteries
* Sleek, comfortable design
* Noise reduction level: max. 15dB at 30Hz to eliminate outside noise
* Completely cushioned ear shells
* 3.5mm phone jack (with pouch and airline adaptor)
* CE approved
* Active cancellation of exterior noise by contrasound
* Lightweight and comfortable



"ideal for travelling" they are huge.

These would be a far better bet:


A lot cheaper and much better option.

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for £20 can't go wrong!
Going to buy them tomorrow BOSE are 15x more expensive but can't see being them 15x better

Btw. couldn't find any reviews but tevion seems to be OK 3 years warranty!


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"ideal for travelling" they are huge.These would be a far better … "ideal for travelling" they are huge.These would be a far better bet:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Creative-Labs-EP-630-A-Earphones/dp/B0009G6FQI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1214761711&sr=1-1A lot cheaper and much better option.

Sorry mate, but you don't know what are you talking about!
ALDI's are NOISE CANCELLING - not just ordinary phones. Go and read on wikipedia.


will it cancel out the mrs ?

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That's why one should buy noise-cancelling phones... Try them on plane!
Btw. I don't understand cold votes???
WHY voting cold?


Personally I prefer the earbud design with noise cancelling which can be found for about the same price on Ebay. I had a pair of Jabra C820Ss and you might find these are very noisy for the people sitting around you and you end up looking like Dom Joly!

I had looked for a set about a year ago - and the Sennheiser PXC 450 seemed to beat the Bose (which did not work as phones when the battery flattened), but they looked too bulky, expensive and fragile for travelling with a ruck sac. Dabs/BT are still the best price for these.


The sound cancelling works by taking the surrounding noise - and inverting the sound then playing that inversion into the phones - so the inversion and the outside noise would cancel (imagine a sine wave and a negative sine wave being added to produce a straight line at zero).

The ones that seemed best for travel were massively cheaper and were almost a disposable price were from SVP...


But i figured for cancelling noise circumaural (enclosing your ears) would be better than supraaural (sitting over your ear), and decided to go for a cheap set of circumaurals as they would work well on their own.

The in a moment of madness bought Sennheiser PX 100 phones as they had excellet reviews for their price and folded small enough to fit in your pocket (but hated them).

So it looks likes the ones on offer here match the cancelling circumaural and price criteria - but will fail on the size side - but no circumaurals will be small.


These look familiar.
Proper BO!




Sorry mate, but you don't know what are you talking about!ALDI's are … Sorry mate, but you don't know what are you talking about!ALDI's are NOISE CANCELLING - not just ordinary phones. Go and read on wikipedia.CheersChris

The creative ones i posted block external noise thanks to the rubber earbuds, ive used these and they are superb, you cannot even find a review of the ones you posted and you know nothing about them either aside from the blurb on the advert.

P.S. One reason for the cold votes could be because people think you are rather rude..


The creative ones i posted block external noise thanks to the rubber … The creative ones i posted block external noise thanks to the rubber earbuds,

Which is completely different to noise cancelling phones.


These look familiar.Proper BO!

PMSL ! :-D
I tell thee !

Let's face it, they aren't going to put Bose out of business. However, for £20, rather than £200+ for Bose noise-cancelling headphones, I certainly think they are worth a try.

Some people still seem confused by the terms 'noise-cancelling' and 'noise-isolating' - these headphones are 'noise-cancelling', which means that, in addition to sitting over the ear (hence the size) and thus blocking external sound, they actively cancel out noise (microphones in ear cans pick up external noise and mix an inverted version of these external sound waves in with the music you are listening to, so the external sound, such as plane engine drone, is 'cancelled out').

Having been on a few 8+ hour flights this year with work, I was seriously considering buy some over-ear Bose/Sony/Sennheiser 'noise-cancelling' headphones - I have a pair of Sennheiser in-ear 'noise-isolating' headphones which are great improvement on standard headphones, but still give you 'ear fatigue' over that period of time because you do need to crank up the volume to block out the engine drone.

Hopefully these will help alleviate the problem - I'll definitely be heading up to Aldi after work to get a pair, as £20 seems a bargain to me, even if they aren't up to Bose standards.

There is not a link between "over the ear" and "noise cancelling" as I said I have a pair of earbuds (in ear) headphones with a noise cancelling circuit built into a little unit which you clip to your shirt.

I would not skimp on buying noise cancelling headphones. A cheap pair of normal headphones might sound ok, but a cheap pair of noise cancelling ones is likely to ruin the sound - there is a reason that decent noise cancelling ones are so expensive!

As others have explained, these work (assuming these cheap ones actually do what we assume) by capturing the sound going on around you and then playing it to you inverted. This means that you are reliant on quality components to get the desired effect. The sound has to be captured, processed and replayed at the highest quality or else it won't be a true inversion of the noise - therefore it will just be ruining what you're listening to!

haha lol i just brought these for £7.99 in my local aldi xD i assume the price was wrong because it said £19.99 on the shelf. didn't comment though

These coming back in soon, anyone got them from last deal and got a opinion on them, like comfort and noise cancelling ability ?
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