Nokia 1208 Basic phone 15.27 including a tenner credit

Nokia 1208 Basic phone 15.27 including a tenner credit

Found 9th Jul 2008Made hot 9th Jul 2008
A really basic phone, but might be of use to someone.
Quidco as well!, so takes it just under 15 quid by my reckoning.


voted hot, shame u now don't get the credit on a voucher or do u still.


voted hot, shame u now don't get the credit on a voucher or do u still.

Don't know but does this matter ?
since you can Ping a Pound


Much better than the awful deal posted elsewhere that I got slated for even suggesting it was a poor deal.

voted hot.

Woolworths had these for £10 a few months back without the credit though. Still voted Hot as these simple phones are Great for less savy users (i.e. my parents) LoL

This is a good phone and a really hot Price..

I've got this phone.

I was pleasently surprised by it.
It's colour screen makes playing Snake much better than on the black and white display of the 1200.
And it receives much clearer signal than my Samsung D900 (using the same sim card, obviously)

Also, I found the Knight Rider theme tune on the internet to put on using the built in Nokia Composer.
So I'm obviously quite happy.

Good phone, Good deal.

Can this be unlocked easily? :thinking: I would like to buy one.

I'm one of those people that only use a mobile phone to make phone calls - yes there still are some of us around.

The latest deals on these cheap phones are usually the centre of conversation at my Darby & Joan club. If the phone is not paraded as the latest fashion accessory (which beats 'bling' hands down) one can often hear the chat-up line "want to see my new nokia, darling" followed by "if we're going outside, don't forget your zimmer!"

However, having the latest deal and a new SIM can cause confusion to those who don't know how to change the phonebook on their mobile.

So if anyone wants to register these deals as cold, please try to remember that to us 'old people' with limitted resourses who use a mobile for important reasons (that is to not annoy the c..p out of others) these deals are HOT

Thank you

Marina - I'm afraid not. These phones can't be unlocked with free codes (No ones managed to make a working generator yet)

So the only way would be to buy a code from the Network Provider, or pay someone with a suitable unlocking cable and software (Which involves re-flashing the firmware and few can do)

Tesco network is O2 right?

They do both use O2's network and technology, yes.

As far as I am aware, although the two share the same O2 network, O2 sims will not work in Tesco phones as they use two locks where as O2 use one. You can use a tesco sim in an O2 phone but not the other way round.

Great deal, proabably better than the new upcoming Iphone

Good Deal. Voted Hot !

Getting a tenner of credit sweetens the deal.

It appears to be a good basic Nokia mobile - good as a spare and/or for emergencies.

Cheers !


better than the new upcoming Iphone

just saw the same phone selling for £9.99 in sainsurys !!!

I have this on vodafone and it does what it says on the tin! great for calls and text, and the battery life is amazing
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