NOKIA 1208 T-Mobile Pay and go £9.99  including 5.00 top up @ prepaymania

NOKIA 1208 T-Mobile Pay and go £9.99 including 5.00 top up @ prepaymania

Found 23rd Nov 2009
sorry it has alreadty posted but you will get this for £7.49 only after cash back

click the following link to get cash back £2.50 and welcome bous £2.50…207

and search perpaymania


We need to show the total item cost, not including cashback, although details of potential cashback can be included in the product details.

I know nothing of greasypalm, nor the minimum spend that they pay out on, in your account, as some co's insist on you having fairly high amounts before you ever get anything back. That type of info would be useful to others not familiar with such co's.

Is this a referral recommend a scheme that you're putting people through?

have searched greasy palm and found the following -

How do you issue payment?

We issue cashback payments monthly, 30 days in arrears.

Payments are issued when you have accrued £25 or more of validated rewards - if your balance is under this amount then it will be carried forward to the next period.

So, need to earn another £20 ish, from other purchases, until you ever get it.

Info can be found amongst FAQs here -…php

Been around for a while. Just go straigh to prepaymania to avoid greasypalm, if you want to. On a side note CEX will give £21 cash/£26 credit for EACH phone ;-)
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