Nokia 1661 Black - Vodafone - Pay Monthly (£1.67 per month after cashback) - 300 Mins per month. & Unlimited Texts @ e2save
Nokia 1661 Black - Vodafone - Pay Monthly (£1.67 per month after cashback) - 300 Mins per month. & Unlimited Texts @ e2save

Nokia 1661 Black - Vodafone - Pay Monthly (£1.67 per month after cashback) - 300 Mins per month. & Unlimited Texts @ e2save

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Vodafone 300 18-month Contract (300 mins per month & Unlimited texts)

17 Months FREE by redemption

Up-front cost - £30per month
Effective Cost - £1.67 per month

This is a very basic phone - one for 'old people' according to my teenage daughter since it isn't anything other than a phone (such as an MP3 player, radio, camera, teamaker, dishwasher,...or whatever else people expect a phone to do these days!) but the 300 minutes/unlimited Texts for £1.67 is a helluva deal as far as I can see (I'm getting one).


1.You have to go through the e2Save cashback saga. This means you have to return the right phone bill with the right voucher within the right period (30 days, last time I used e2save).

2. The contract comes with the old 'One month free' ploy for insurance and a support line to help you use the 'gadget'. These can be cancelled before the first payment is due but you end up paying just over £10 per month for these if you forget.

3. It's e2save....not the most helpful Customer Services department I have ever dealt with but..........a good deal if you feel up to it.

PS This is my first attempt at posting a deal, so if I screw this up, all suggestions welcome


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My mistake - I searched for the deal having already been posted but missed it.


these deals are always on! not a big deal :P

i normally sign on these contracts and bin the phone lol

If t hey don't give cashback, just send a "letter before action" to CPW and you should get a cheque within 48 hours by special delivery.
These "cowboys" tried to pull a fast one with me.
They asked me to send my 12th bill, and CPW refused to send me a 12th bill as I had cancelled my contract at the anniversary date 1 month in advance, as permitted.

CPW was responsible for billing, they knew I have paid every bill and was up to date.
They refused cash back as they wanted the 12th bill (which e2save could get themselves) and CPW refused to send it after 5 attempts, all logged.

I sent a "letter before action" to take the case to the small claims court and CPW themselves paid up.

Always threaten court. Few companies are going to contest a £160 claim, as it means sending an employee to defend and pay their salary. Costs cannot be reclaimed. If they use a solicitor it costs hundreds of pounds and they cannot revover costs.

Same thing when Nintendo refused to repair broken hinges under warranty (acknowledged fault in USA: free repair there). One letter to the retailer: full refund offered.

Small claims courts are great for end users against greedy corporates who try and evade responsibilities!

Cash back deals with CPW group companies can be regarded as "safe".
One way or another, you should get your money.
Few of these deals are around now with larger companies.
This year they will not give 100% cashback on o2 contracts as the last 2 years (just cancelled 2 with CPW this month)!

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Here is the link on HUK to the person that spotted the deal first....

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